Tips For Shopping In The January Sales

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are out of the way it means that Christmas will be here pretty soon! That means the January sales are coming too. Well, I’m not really sure if I should call them January sales now. I remember when the sales did start after Christmas but now it seems that there are loads of sales on during the week before Christmas, which is just a bit crazy to me. People can often feel the pressure to go mad in these sales and spend money they don’t have or buy things they don’t need. I asked some other bloggers for their top tips for shopping in the January sales:

Do it online! The Mum Diaries

Look out for the Boots sale – Usually happen around the 18-22nd of January and starts around 3am-4am. Look out on websites like Latest Deals for prior news it is coming! KatyKicker

When you visit the January sales try to buy gifts, cards, wrapping paper, crackers etc. that are all drastically reduced so you are prepared for the next Christmas Family Travel With Ellie

They often start on Christmas Eve so don’t hang about until January to bag the bargains Twinderelmo

Quidco all the way! They often have extra discounts you can activate in your account. On Black Friday they were giving an extra £2.50 if you shopped at certain times! Maidenhead Mum

Don’t just purchase them because you think you need them it’s tempting to get your kids Christmas jumpers for next year however they might not be in the age you think they will be it might be a stash fail. Cups of Charlotte

Take a list! It’s so easy to get side tracked and end up spending more making it a bit less of a bargain! Ready, Freddie, Go!

Don’t bother trying things on. Take them home. Keep tags on and receipts. Also, don’t be tempted to spend on things just because they’re in the sale. It’s not a bargain if you never really needed it (oh wow I sound like my dad!) Our Altered Life

Take out a cashback credit card. That way, you earn money every time you shop. Just make sure you clear the balance every month. Household Money Saving

If you’re going in store, take a charged smartphone with you so you can go online and check that they are real bargains in the sale. It might be that you can buy cheaper online from an alternative shop. Thrifty Mum

For me, shopping in the sales is all about being prepared. I love to go to Sainsbury’s the day after Boxing Day and stock up on wrapping paper and cards for the following Christmas. We don’t drive but Sainsbury’s is pretty much across the road from my house so I don’t have far to walk. John moans a bit because I think I probably already have about 10 rolls up in the loft but with a toddler whose birthday is on New Year’s Day you can never have enough wrapping paper. Also, I like to have people in mind to shop for when I do look at sales. I like to buy presents ahead but a bargain isn’t a bargain if you don’t actually want the product!

I’d love to hear your tips for shopping in the January sales in the comments! 

10 thoughts on “Tips For Shopping In The January Sales”

  1. It’s true the sales start earlier than January in many shops. I often buy Christmas wrapping paper in the sales, it’s dirt cheap and I just shove it in the loft ready for next year

  2. I have to say I agree with alot of the tips, especially the stocking up on cards and wrapping paper for next Christmas. Also Christmas decorations. And I also agree with not buying Christmas jumpers for next year for children as they might not actually be the size you anticipate. I’ve gotten caught out with that before!

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