Top 3 Incredible Benefits of a Doggy Door

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There are over 76 million dogs owned by American households. Approximately 4/10 households in the US have at least one dog as a pet.

For many families, a primary concern is how to train their dog to successfully go in and out of the house without causing problems for the family or others outside. One of the most common solutions that many owners come to is installing a doggy door.

There are plenty of benefits of a doggy door in your home. Using a doggy door allows for maximum convenience and even safety for your property as your pets can come and go to use the bathroom outside as they please.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about why pet doors are awesome for new dog owners.

1. Health

This might not be the first thing you think of, however, it is one of the most important benefits of installing a dog door. If a pet refrains from urinating for a long period of time because they have been trained to only urinate outside, they can experience negative health risks.

Some dogs can develop urinary tract infections. Having urine backed up in the kidneys for a long period of time can ultimately result in long-term problems if this is a common occurrence.

Instead, allowing your pet to go outside and access the outdoors and restroom when their urge to go occurs reduces this risk greatly.

It’s also good for a pet’s mental stimulation. When they have the option to go outside and explore your yard and interact with mental stimuli, they have better mental health.

Some dogs can’t get the proper exercise they need by walking around the house, so being able to access the outdoors when they feel their muscles need a walk is good for their musculoskeletal system.

2. Better Behavior

As a new dog owner, one of the biggest frustrations you will face is potty training. Not every dog has this problem, however, even the most well-trained dogs and other animals as pets will have accidents in the house. This can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient if you have a major event planned.

In most cases, it’s just as stressful for your pet, however. When you put a doggy door into a sliding or back door, this will never be a problem for a well-trained pet. Over time, you can teach your dog to go when they need to go, and this improves your overall relationship with them and their behavior.

3. Improved Safety

While this is something that pet owners would never hope to happen, the reality is that some dogs have been left outside in the cold. Other dogs have been found out on the lawn during a heat warning, being exposed to the risks of heatstroke and other threats.

At the same time, many pet owners recognize that doggy doors may help to prevent this from ever occurring by providing an emergency safety valve in the event of extreme weather. However, the concern many owners have is that putting in a doggy door will reduce energy efficiency and increase their utility bills.

However, it’s possible to buy pet doors that have heavy-duty flaps for improved insulation and efficiency.

Understanding The Value of Doggy Doors

At the end of the day, doggy doors might be installed for a variety of reasons. They can help improve your pet’s health, improve their behavior, and even keep them safe in the event of extreme weather.

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