Things To Think About Before You Get A Dog

Collaborative post Being a dog owner is a massive responsibility and sometimes people rush into getting a dog without really thinking it through. There are so many things that you should consider before rushing in to getting a dog and Lords and Labradors have come up with a great great infographic to help first time dog owners. Here are just some things that you should think about before getting a dog: Look at what a usual day is like post COVID At the minute a lot of us are spending a lot more time at home than we would do normally. This

What You Need When You Get a New Pet

Collaborative post Getting a new pet is a very exciting time for everyone, but there are a few things you need to get for your pet either before you get them or once you have got them. Making the right choices at this point will make sure your pet will grow up to be as healthy as possible, so making sure you are ready and prepared when you have it is very important. It doesn’t matter what type of pet you are getting whether it be a rabbit, hamster or cat the principles remain the same throughout to get prepared

3 Tips for Teaching Your Children to be More Responsible Dog Owners

Collaborative post We often get pets for our children, but they usually have a different idea of what it actually means to be a pet owner. They probably don’t realize it takes time and dedication, and that it’s a full-time job. If you start taking over their responsibilities for them, they might miss out on a basic lesson in life which will start manifesting again later.  This is why you need to teach them how to be responsible dog owners now so that they don’t end up being irresponsible adults later on. It’s also about the wellbeing of the pet

How to Teach Your Kids to Love and Respect Older Dogs

Collaborative post Owning a dog is a big responsibility and as they get older, you will need to make certain changes in order to ensure they are comfortable and happy in their environment. If you have young children, loud and boisterous behaviour can be difficult for a senior dog to deal with, especially if they’re suffering from an age-related health condition that affects their day to day life. Your elderly pet has been a faithful friend and deserves peace, love and respect during their golden years. The best way forward is to make a change, so here is how to

How to Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

Collaborative post Being pregnant is an extremely unique and exciting feeling. When the baby starts to show, it makes everything feel real and you will know that it is time to prepare yourself and your home for your new arrival. However, your dog will not understand what you are preparing for and for them, the new member of the pack will appear overnight. It is important that your dog always feels like part of the family, and preparing your dog for the new routine, sights, sounds and smells during your pregnancy is highly recommended. Here are some tips on how

Protecting Pet Health With CBD Dog Treats For Stress & Anxiety Relief

AD | Collaborative post Have you recently noticed something different about your pet dog? He or she might not be in the mood to follow your instructions or do the usual “everyday” routines. It might be new to you or not, but it is essential to give attention to it. There could be an underlying problem that needs to be diagnosed. What do you have to do if things get a little bit rocky for you and your dog? I guess it is the best time to consult your pet’s veterinarian. If you see something strange is happening, you should

Common Health Problems for Dogs

AD | Collaborative post A dog offers companionship, understanding and often joy beyond anything else. Walking a dog gives you a new appreciation of the outside world, helping you see it from a new perspective in every season, and as your dog’s personality emerges, you’ll find you have a companion and friend for all of those seasons. Unfortunately, dogs can also bring with them worry and concern – you’ll know immediately if your dog is unwell, and its distress will likely be mirrored by your own. Unable to tell us exactly what is wrong and what’s hurting, a sick dog’s

The Pet Empire: The Best Dog Beds, Luxury And Design

AD | Collaborative post Your dog is your best pall! Then you want to make sure that best furry friend always feels good, don’t you? That he has a place in your house where he can enjoy warmth and rest? Of course this also includes a comfortable orthopedic dog bed for your dog. But what should you pay attention to when you buy a new dog bed?   Make sure to choose the right size for your dog’s bed   If you want to buy a new dog bed for your dog, it is very important that you choose one in the