Why your bathroom deserves some TLC

Why your bathroom deserves some TLC

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Have you been feeling like your bathroom needs a makeover? You’re not alone. Many people find that their bathroom is lacking in style and could use some extra TLC (Tender Loving Care). From adding a splash of greenery to replacing the toilet lid, there are plenty of ways to give your bathroom the facelift it deserves. Read on to learn more about how to spruce up your space and give it a much-needed update. 

Add a Splash of Greenery for a Spa-Like Feel 

Adding plants to any room can instantly give it a spa-like feel, especially for bathrooms. If you don’t have enough natural light in your bathroom, then opt for low-maintenance succulents or artificial plants that require minimal care. For those with plenty of natural light, some great options include ferns, aloe vera, and potted herbs like rosemary or lavender. Not only do they add some vibrancy and life to the room, but they also help purify the air and absorb moisture from the shower. 

Add Colourful Tiles 

If you want to give your bathroom an instant facelift, then adding colourful tiles is an easy way to do so. Whether you choose bold colours or pastels, tiles are an effective way to show off your personal style while making a big impact on the overall look of the room. Depending on where you live, installing new tiles can be quite involved so if this is too much work for you, then consider using removable tile stickers as an affordable alternative that still packs lots of personalities. 

Change the Shower Enclosure 

Depending on how old your shower enclosure is, it may already be time for an upgrade. Newer models come with features such as low water pressure settings or anti-scald technology, which will make taking showers safer and more comfortable. Moreover, modern designs come with sleek finishes that look great in any bathroom and are sure to turn heads when visitors come over. 

Redo the Grout    

Grout can often accumulate dirt over time which makes it look dingy or discoloured. To keep your bathroom looking its best, we recommend giving the grout a good scrub once every few months using either baking soda or vinegar mixed with warm water. You can even have colour sealants available, which will add another layer of protection against dirt build-up while also giving it a beautiful hue – perfect for those who want their grout lines to stand out.  

Remove All Clutter   

One way to instantly transform any room is by removing all unnecessary clutter, including shampoo bottles or extra towels cluttering up countertops and shelves. This helps declutter visually and makes cleaning much easier since there’s less stuff lying around collecting dust in hard-to-reach places. Lastly, consider investing in storage solutions like floating shelves or wall-mountable baskets, which can help free up space while keeping everything organised.     

Replace Toilet Lid 

Finally, don’t forget about toilets – simply changing your toilet lid can freshen up the entire area without requiring too much effort. Opt for something that matches the rest of your decors, such as wood finish or marble effect lids; these will help bring together all other elements in the room seamlessly for a truly cohesive look.     

Whether you’re looking for something small like adding plants or going big with changing out shower enclosures – there are plenty of ways to breathe new life into your bathroom without breaking the bank by doing major renovations. Give yourself (and, more importantly -your bathroom) some deserved TLC today.

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