Presents for a 1 year old

Erin has recently turned 6 months old and actually, since she was born I have been shopping for her birthday and Christmas presents. Now, I know you may think that is mad but with Christmas and her 1st birthday only a week apart, it’s a lot to do. So, this post is a cry for help really. Presents for a 1 year old? What is suitable, fun etc?!

Presents for a 1 year old

I was lucky earlier on in the year with Sainsbury’s having Vtec Toot Toot products on sale so I got a couple of large items. Since then I have added to the collection which will pretty much make up most of Erin’s Christmas presents. She has the Chicken Coop, Tree House, Fire Station, Car Launcher and a couple of animals.

For Erin’s birthday we have so far gotten her a ball pool and obviously some balls. She’s also got a shape sorter and a rocking giraffe, a pull along turtle and some wooden puzzles. Erin’s birthday presents especially don’t seem like very much!

It seems that I’m pretty okay with buying ‘bigger’ kinds of presents. I do realise I’ve probably already gone overboard for someone who won’t have a clue about what is going on. However, I do still want to get some smaller, stocking fillers. I want to be able to make a big deal about Christmas and her birthday. We’re not having more children so why not!

 As Christmas and her birthday are so close together my hope is that I can get some presents that will last quite a while and that I can maybe give her again later in the year when she’s that bit older.

I would love some help and recommendations for what would be suitable for a 1 year old. Maybe you have traditions for birthdays and Christmas, something you buy every year? I’d love to know.

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  1. I am in completely the same position as you my daughters birthday is the 1st January !!. We’re not going to get a lot
    Just small bits musical instruments and things like that ?.I think I will
    Carry on what my mom did with us for Christmas new pair of pj’s each year cannot be beaten !! X

  2. We didn’t buy much toys for our daughter when she turned 1, like you said, they don’t really know what’s going on yet. But we did get her a 4-in 1 Little Tikes Trike. She absolutely loved it. After eating cake, we took her out for a stroll on it and she was just so happy 🙂

  3. Ohhh my lg is 18 months so I have loads of suggestions. The singing tea party thing….think that’s leapfrog? And the piggy bank that sings and you have to slot the plastic coinss in. Also second a trike. Learn to dress Lilly is a great doll that will be educational in the future as it has poppers and zippers and velcro for them to learn to undo and do up things. That#s Early Learning Centre! 🙂

    1. ELC have a big sale at the minute so I’m heading there tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions, especially the doll. It’s in the sale so planning on getting one.

  4. I love birthday & Christmas shopping for my children. My little girl got a smart trike and ball pool for her first birthday. My son got tons of Toot Toots & garden toys (he is a summer baby). I have already planned what I am getting them for Christmas this year too xx

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