10 tips to help you save money on your summer holiday

10 tips to help you save money on your summer holiday

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Everyone knows that I love going on holiday, and I always look forward to getting away during the summer months. However, holidays at this time can be expensive. I’ve put together some tips to help you save money on your summer holiday.

1. Book early

One of the best ways to save money on a summer holiday is to book as far in advance as possible. Lots of holiday companies and airlines have cheaper prices further from the travel date. Prices tend to rise due to supply and demand and unless it’s a very late deal, you’ll find prices higher the closer you get to your holiday.

By booking early you can take advantage of any low/ cheaper prices and any offers that might be available.

2. Spread the cost

Another benefit of booking early is that you might be able to spread the cost of your holiday. Whether you’re looking to go abroad or enjoy a caravan holiday here in the UK, plenty of companies offer payment plans. Start by paying a (usually) fairly low deposit and then make payments each month until a set date ahead of your trip.

For me, this makes holidays seem to be a lot more affordable as you don’t have to pay one lump sum to book. I’m able to budget each month for these smaller instalments, knowing exactly how much I need and when my holiday will be paid off.

3. Shop around

With so many holiday companies to choose from, it can be hard sometimes to know who to book with. However, there are quite a few comparison sites you can use to help you get the best deal. By spending a bit of time shopping around you might be able to save money on cheaper flights, a longer holiday, or maybe you can find a deal with additional benefits such as free children’s spaces.

4. Use coupons and discounts

Depending on where you go, you might be able to save money while you’re there. In America, for example, it’s really easy to find coupons and discount codes for local restaurants. Everywhere you go you’ll find coupons offering money off, or special deals and these can save you quite a lot of money, especially when it comes to food.

If there’s somewhere you’re likely to visit, see if they have an app, or mailing list and sign up before you go. You’re likely to get updated offers and coupons via an app or email, ready to use on your holiday.

5. Self-catering options

If you’re looking to holiday on more of a budget then self-catering might be the best choice for you. We often go on self-catering holidays in the UK, mostly to caravan parks or youth hostels. Instead of paying to eat out all of the time, you can either shop at a supermarket beforehand or take things you already have from home. This is a great option if you’re travelling with children as it means you can take all of their favourite foods with you.

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6. Go all-inclusive

Although all-inclusive holidays can be more expensive than a self-catering holiday initially, it can help you to save money in the long run. Once you’ve paid for your holiday, there’s usually very little that you need to pay for when you get there. For example, Ibiza all inclusive hotels will include three meals a day as well as snacks and drinks throughout the day. You don’t need to think about where each meal is coming from, how much it will cost and how many drinks you can have.

On a recent all-inclusive holiday to Turkey, the only money I spent was on a boat trip, a traditional Turkish bath a few souvenirs when out shopping. All in all, I spent less than £100 while I was away and this would have been a lot more had I not been on an all-inclusive holiday.

7. DIY instead of a package holiday

Although package holidays can be easier to book, and less time-consuming, doing it all yourself can save you a whole lot of money. By putting together your own holiday, booking everything from flights and accommodation separately, you can take advantage of more options, lower prices and more flexibility.

Booking flights direct with an airline can be really cost-effective, especially if you keep an eye on when their flights go on sale. Companies such as Air BnB offer really competitive rates on accommodation and you might find a gem you wouldn’t have before. The great thing about booking things yourself, is that you can find exactly what you want and budget accordingly.

8. Do your research

It’s no good finding cheap flights and accommodation somewhere if the destination is super expensive. For example, you can often get great deals for Orlando, Florida but once you factor in theme park tickets, spending money and eating out, it can cost a small fortune. Be sure to research your desired location before you book anything. Look up how much a local meal will cost, the average price of a pint of beer and any attractions you might want to visit. Be sure to consider the overall cost, rather than the initial booking.

9. Pack carefully

If you’re planning to go abroad think carefully about what you take you with. Packing can be a bit of a nightmare at the best of times but when you have a weight allowance to stick to, it can get even harder. A lot of airlines allow you to have 1 bag at around 22-23kg to check in but many budget airlines charge for baggage on top of the cost of flights. This can be quite costly if you have a lot you want to take with you.

There’s also the issue of overweight baggage to consider. One airline charges £12 per kg for baggage that exceeds your total weight allowance. It can be easy to go over this weight limit so be careful when you’re packing. I’ve been that person at the airport who has had overweight luggage. It takes up so much time either paying the additional charge or trying to rearrange all of your bags, while other people wait to check in.

10. Use up toiletries

Are you one of those people that goes out and buys everything new before you go on holiday? Going out and doing a holiday shop can be so expensive and a lot of the time, unnecessary. Have a look around your home and see what you can take with you. If you’re anything like me you’ll already have a few bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel lying around somewhere. If you know it will be enough, take what you already have at home. 9 times out of 10, I come home with part bottles of things anyway.

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