Things To Consider When Travelling As A Family By Car

AD | Collaborative post Nowadays more and more families are choosing to travel by car, whether that be in the UK or while travelling abroad. There are plenty of reasons why travelling by car can be the best choice for families but there are also lots of different things to consider. Here are some tips for travelling by car as a family. Plan your breaks It doesn’t matter how long you are travelling for, both you and children need regular breaks. Driving for a long time can make you tired so it’s important to be able to stretch your legs

10 Things I Miss About Living In Toronto

In my late teens and early 20s I think the best way to describe me would be to say I was a little bit wild. I didn’t really know what I wanted out of life and in 2016 one thing after another eventually made me want to kind of run away. Instead of just staying with a friend for a few days or something I went to a travel agent on my lunch break at work one day and booked flights to Toronto, Canada and handed in my 3 week notice. I stayed there for a month and fell in

An End Of Summer Getaway To Norwich

At the beginning of last week, just before the summer holidays ended we managed to get away for a couple of days to Norwich. This is really only down the road for us, being a 30 minute train journey away. However, we never seem to get enough time there and our day trips are always really rushed. Travelodge had a great deal at some point during lockdown where they offered hotel stays with 2 nights for the price of 1. We ended up booking two separate trips to Norwich (the other for October half term) for less than £100 and

Exploring Norfolk With YHA Sheringham

AD | Press trip Every year we try to find somewhere close to home to explore. Somewhere we hadn’t been very much was Sheringham and we were supposed to stay during the Easter holidays earlier in the year. Unfortunately COVID-19 got in the way but we were able to reschedule for the middle of August, which was perfect for John’s birthday. Our stay was booked over a weekend, from Friday to Sunday, at YHA Sheringham. We stayed at YHA Cambridge last year and found it such a fun place to say as a family so we wanted to try out

Why We’re Planning A Family Cruise For 2022

I know I’m not alone in saying that this year’s travel plans went out the window. We planned such a fun and exciting year for Erin, knowing that it was our last chance to take advantage of term time prices and quieter breaks away. We were very lucky to get a full break at Center Parcs in March and then a shorter break to Haven later that month. However, we had a lot of trips away cancelled which, while there was no other option, was disappointing. I’ve already written about next year and what we have planned for 2021. We

7 Must-Dos for Your Next Las Vegas Vacation

People who have taken a vacation to Las Vegas have called it one of the most memorable trips of their life. There’s just something about this city that brings people out of their shell and allows them to have a great time. When you come here, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of activities and events going on all the time. Here are some of the absolute must-do activities when you visit Las Vegas. Stop in a Casino Everyone knows the most famous draw to this part of the Nevada desert, so lets get it out of

Our 2021 Travel Plans

2020 was supposed to be the year we did loads of amazing things. We had quite a few holidays and trips away booked and we wanted to make the most of this year before Erin starts school in September. Sadly, that wasn’t to be and we’ve ended up cancelling most of everything we had planned. We did get a break to Center Parcs and a short break to Haven earlier in the year but now we have nothing else booked in. Although this year hasn’t gone to plan, it hasn’t stopped us from making travel plans for 2021. Butlins Butlins was

Planning A Family Trip To Paris

AD | Collaborative post John and I were lucky enough to visit Paris back in 2014. We spent a couple of days there for my birthday and tried to pack as much in as possible. We had the luxury of being able to do things at our own pace and picking what we did and when. Next year we have a holiday to Disneyland Paris booked as we wanted to do something amazing for Erin after her first year at school. We wanted a really exciting adventure during the summer holidays so we decided to add some time in Paris