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3 Tips for Teaching Your Children to be More Responsible Dog Owners

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We often get pets for our children, but they usually have a different idea of what it actually means to be a pet owner. They probably don’t realize it takes time and dedication, and that it’s a full-time job. If you start taking over their responsibilities for them, they might miss out on a basic lesson in life which will start manifesting again later. 

This is why you need to teach them how to be responsible dog owners now so that they don’t end up being irresponsible adults later on. It’s also about the wellbeing of the pet first and foremost. Let’s take a look at a few things that you can do to teach children how to be more responsible dog owners.

Make it Fun

One of the things you have to do is make it fun for them, and you can do this by blending walks with activities. For example, you could go on a morning bike excursion instead of formal walks. You could go to a local park and play a game of frisbee where the dog happens to be involved. After a while, they will see taking the dog for a walk as something fun and not a chore. 

Another thing you could consider is buying cool accessories that will make them want to be out so they can show them off. Like these matching dog collars and leashes from Monro Pets. They have a great selection of comfortable, stylish, and durable dog collars you might want to take a look at.

Make Sure That They’re Ready

You also have to prep your children before the dog gets home. One of the things you’ll have to teach them is proper body language. For instance, teach them to show their side to the dog first and wait for them to approach them. You also have to teach them how to pet the dog with just enough pressure by guiding their hand. Make sure to teach them to not pull on their ears or tail as it can not only hurt the dog but make them angry as well.

Also, never leave the dog alone with a child. All initial contacts have to be made under adult supervision.

Delegate Chores Properly

You also don’t want to create a situation where some family members feel like they’re carrying the brunt of the work. So, make sure that everyone is on board at first, especially the older ones. These are the family members that will pick up the slack if one of the youngest decides to flake out.

These tips should be more than enough to help raise responsible dog owners. Your pup will thank you for it, and you’d be surprised at how much your children can learn from taking care of a dog the right way.

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