Shuffle Paw Patrol Card Game Review

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links Paw Patrol was one of the first cartoons that I really remember Erin liking and now aged 4 she loves it just as much. I’m not sure we get through even one day without watching at least one episode. Getting Erin to pay attention to games can sometimes be quite tricky depending on what kind of mood she’s in but I thought maybe if we had one using her favourite characters we might have a better chance. During our time at home recently we’ve been playing Shuffle Paw Patrol (AD). This game is

Book Review: An Author on Trial by Luciano Iorio

AD | Includes gifted item and affiliate links  Today I’m bringing you something a little bit different and this is definitely not a review for a children’s book. Instead, I’m reviewing and offering a giveaway of An Author on Trial by Luciano Iorio. In 1939, the Italian writer Giuseppe Jorio (1902 – 1995) enjoyed great success with his debut novel, La Morte di un Uomo (Death of a Man), but, soon after the war, his career was ruined when he was prosecuted, subjected to five trials in six years, and found guilty of having written an obscene novel, Il Fuoco del

Your Health Checklist Before You Set Off On Your Next Travel Adventure

AD | Collaborative post If you are preparing to jet away on holiday, then you are ensured to be in for a fun-filled time. You have probably been looking forward to this trip for months and months, if not longer. However, nothing can spoil a holiday quicker than getting ill.  With that being said, read on to discover 12 tips that can ensure you have a healthy holiday.  Be careful calorie-wise – If you do not want to put on a lot of weight during your weekend or week trip, then be careful with what alcohol you choose. Alcohol contains

A Guide To Family Road Safety

AD | Collaborative post Road safety is an important skill to teach from an early age. Learning road safety skills early helps to see a child through the rest of their life, encouraging them to be responsible road users when they get older. But how, as a family, can you focus on good road safety and ensure you always set the best example? Read our guide for more on how the whole family can take a safety-first approach when out and about. Car safety With more than 37.5 million cars on the roads in the UK, and with most families

Encouraging Outdoor Play With Gazillion Bubbles

AD | Gifted It’s been just over a week since the country went into a sort of lock down and staying at home became the new norm. If, like me, you are used to going out every day, your child going to school or nursery, amongst other regular day to day tasks then you might be struggling by now. Between trying to home school Erin, keep the house clean and look after my own mental health it can all seem to get a bit too much sometimes. We are very lucky to have a pretty large back garden and although

Dealing with Grief: How to Cope with Birthing a Stillborn

AD | Collaborative post Dealing with grief is never easy, but when you’re saying goodbye to your stillborn child, nothing quite compares. To find out some of the best ways to cope in this unprecedented situation, read on… As an expecting parent, bringing your new baby home is probably something you’ve been imagining for months. It’s also likely that you’ll have everything prepared, including clothes, a room, and even the nappies, ready for your new arrival. This is what makes birthing a stillborn baby so completely unprecedented, surreal, and tragic. It’s not going to be an easy transition, no matter

44 Cats The Club House Playset Review

AD | Paid collaboration A little while ago I wrote about a fantastic cartoon 44 Cats! Erin still loves to watch it and we were recently sent one of the toys from the show; The Club House Playset – Milady’s Place! Erin couldn’t wait to open it up and start playing.  This is quite a small playset and it comes with a Milady figure, complete with sunglasses as an accessory, as well as a bed, food and stickers to decorate with. As we have a cat ourselves so Erin immediately wanted to feed Milady and make sure she had everything

Easter Gifts For All The Family

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links I know we all have a lot going on at the moment and the whole country is in a bit of a strange situation. However, to try to keep our spirits up we’re trying to keep some things as normal as possible in our house and that means still doing something for Easter next week. I think it’s important to find something to look forward to, especially for the children, so I wanted to share a few ideas about Easter gifts that might work for the whole family. If you are