3 Ways to Convince Your Family to Eat Together During Meals

3 Ways to Convince Your Family to Eat Together During Meals

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To some, sitting down to a home-cooked meal every night surrounded by the ones you love sounds like the best way to end your day. However, times have changed, and what was once a tradition is slowly becoming lost as it accommodates modern-day families’ needs. 

Juggling hectic work schedules, after-school activities, schoolwork etc., has made it more challenging for modern-day families to sit together and catch up at mealtimes, with a 2022 study from Mintel revealing that only 68% of families ate at similar times. 

Yet, despite these challenges, there are several ways you can convince your family to break bread together if you want to keep this tradition alive in your household. From designing your home around your family routines to designating one day per week to family dinner night, we list some of the best ways to convince your family to eat together during meals below: 

Furnish Your Home According To Your Routines 

Each family’s dynamic is different regarding mealtimes; while one family might retreat to their respective rooms while eating, another may enjoy their evening meal while sitting on the sofa and watching television. Regardless of which dynamic applies to your family, it is essential that you understand it so it can help you make informed decisions when furnishing your homes. 

For instance, if your family likes to eat dinner on the sofa by balancing your meal precariously on your lap, having nesting coffee tables would make mealtimes easier for your family. This way, you don’t have to worry about dropping gravy on the carpet! 

Or, if your family have contrasting mealtimes, consider a small dining table like the ones from Furniture Village. Whether you need to make the most out of a small dining space or need to accommodate more guests, they have a range of dining room furnishing designed to suit all dynamics. Consider visiting their website to browse their entire catalogue of family dining tables, or contact them directly to see how their products could help make eating together as a family easier. 

Designate One Night A Week To Family Mealtime 

One of the best ways to convince your family to eat together during mealtimes is to set aside one day out of your weekly schedule when all your family can get together for a meal. It could be a day when you finish work earlier than usual or when your children don’t have any after-school commitments – any day when it is easier to bring the whole family together. 

Whether it’s a Wednesday or a Friday, turn this into your designated night for family mealtimes, as your family members are more likely to turn up. You can make this night more centred around catching up with each other, connecting, and communicating by setting ground rules like no mobile phones at the table, no television on in the background, etc., to make it even more special. 

Don’t Add Pressure 

Ultimately, having meals together as a family should be a relaxing time where you can all catch up, communicate, and connect. However, this comforting edge is quickly dampened if family mealtimes become mandatory instead of choice. 

Avoid adding pressure to mealtimes by giving your family members a choice to join you, as depending on individual circumstances, only some find dining with family members the ideal way to wind down after a stressful day. You’ll find there much more likely to join you when they’re not being forced! 

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