3 Ways To Modernise An Old House

3 Ways To Modernise An Old House

When we bought our house we knew that it needed a lot doing to it. We probably didn’t really anticipate just how much work needed doing to a house built in 1900 where the previous owners hadn’t looked after it very well at all. When I say they didn’t look after it very well I’m talking painting absolutely everything including light switches in white emulsion, sanding the hand painted pattern on an original wooden floor and generally not updating anything at all.

Adding A Bathroom

Now that we are a family of three we could really do with an additional bathroom. We have a toilet under the stairs but no toilet in our actual bathroom. We bought our house as a 4 bedroom with the plans to eventually make one of them into a small bathroom. At the moment this is John’s junk room and it’s not really a very big room. However, a toilet, sink and walk-in shower would fit in nicely.

Adding an additional bathroom would make a massive difference for us. Erin will soon be toilet training and it would be better for her to have a toilet that is upstairs. Not only that but it would be so helpful if John, Erin and I all need baths or showers at the same time because at the moment, we have to plan all of that quite carefully most days!

Bathroom Upgrades

The bathroom we have at the moment needs a complete upgrade. We still have an old style boiler which I know will die on us sooner rather than later. Upgrading to a combi boiler is right at the top of my list because without this, we can’t have much done. At the moment, we can’t have an electric shower because of where our bathroom is and the boiler we have. Upgrading to a combi boiler would solve quite a lot of problems for us with the biggest being how much hot water is available and when.

Central Heating

At the minute we have horrible storage heaters. Our living room is about 26ft long in an L shape so it’s really quite big. We have one storage heater at each end of the room but it really doesn’t get very warm in here if the weather is bad. We do have an open fire but it costs quite a lot of money to run and this past winter we went through about 2 and a half loads of wood and some coal!Β Central heating is a big upgrade to do though because it costs a lot of money. We also need the boiler upgrading before we can do this!

There are so many more ways that you can modernise an old house like ours. However, these three things would make the biggest difference to us as a family. Unfortunately, they’re also some of the most expensive ways to modernise an old house as well.

If you have an old house too, what would you do first to make it a bit more modern?

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are our own.Β 

3 Ways To Modernise An Old House

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