Maternity and safety at home: Key things to look out for

Collaborative post Becoming a parent is an incredible experience. Looking into the eyes of your precious baby is a feeling like no other. But having a baby around the house can make you realise how many hazards there are. Keeping your kids safe is paramount so here are some tips to help you achieve that. 

5 activities to support your child’s cognitive development

AD | Collaborative post Cognitive development can be defined as the way a child learns, interacts with those around them and acquires their knowledge. As a child meets different stages in their development and hits certain milestones, there are a number of cognitive skills that you will notice them pick up along the way. As a parent, you play a very important role in nurturing your child’s cognitive development, especially the processes that involve problem solving, thinking and learning about the world around them. Taking part in age-appropriate activities that stimulate their brain can significantly

Tips for boosting your child’s imagination

AD | Collaborative post Imagination is a magical tool that helps unlock a world of creativity and innovation within children. It is through this that they are able to explore new ideas, come up with solutions to problems, and view the world with nothing but wonder. As a parent, fostering your child’s imagination is an irreplaceable gift that can benefit them throughout the rest of their lives. Here is some advice from one of the best independent schools in Surrey, on top tips for boosting your child’s imagination. Create the ideal environment The first step

The benefits of swimming lessons for kids

AD | Collaborative post In the world of extracurricular activities, there are endless opportunities for children to grow academically and gain a new skill that can be used for life. Amongst some of the most popular ones, lies swimming lessons, an extracurricular almost every child should be introduced to at some point in their childhood years. This is because it is an essential life skill that can quite literally save their life. Swimming lessons at an early age has also shown to have a great impact on physical, mental and social development. Keep reading to

Teaching your child to empathise with others

AD | Collaborative post Empathy can be described as a powerful emotion that allows individuals to understand and share the feelings with those around us. As a parent, nurturing empathy in your child is one of the most important responsibilities you have. Empathetic children are known to grow up to be kind, understanding and compassionate adults, who contribute positively to society. Below is a guide that goes into more detail on ways to teach your child to empathise with others, as advised by this sixth form in West Sussex. 

Keeping Foster Children Entertained Over a Long Summer

Collaborative post The summer can be very long, especially if the children in your care are school-age and have an extended period at home. Six weeks without routine can seem daunting, and you might worry about your children getting bored halfway through. Here are some things that you can do to keep everyone entertained. 

Functional storage solutions to help maximise your space

AD | Collaborative post Even if you’re already on the property ladder, it can be hard to difficult to make the move to a bigger house. With things like increase in mortgage payments, and the rising cost of every day life, a move just might not be possible. If this is the case, think about how you can maximise the space you already have with some functional storage solutions.

Tips for Staying on Top of Your Family’s Finances

Collaborative post Managing your family’s finances can be a daunting task. With bills, mortgages, loans, and daily expenses to juggle, it can feel overwhelming trying to keep everything in order. Staying on top of your family’s finances is crucial for ensuring financial stability and security, as well as reducing stress and anxiety. In this blog post, we’ll outline some key steps you can take to successfully manage your family’s finances and ensure that you’re always in control. Create a budget and track expenses The first step to managing your family’s finances is to create a