4 Signs That Show Your Dog is Infected with an Allergy

4 Signs That Show Your Dog is Infected with an Allergy

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How can you know if your dog is affected by an allergy or not? Most UK pet owners don’t know their pet has developed an allergy. We are going to help you out as we are going to explain different allergies and tell you how you can cure them.

1. Chronic Ear Infection

If your dog has frequent ear infections, then it shows he has a food allergy. Yeast Infections, ear mites, and even swimmer ear are a common cause of ear infection. These persist for a long time and indicates a food allergy.

If your dog has stinky and yeasty ears with black and brown build up, he will shake and scratch his head frequently. So, you need to clean his ears a few times every weak. It will help to avoid allergies. You can also use an ontic ointment. You can even make you won ointment with some Apple Cider Vinegar and purified water.

You will have to wipe the inside of ears with a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel; it will cause relief inflammation

If the ear infection still doesn’t go away, try Hypoallergenic dog food. These foods are designed to prevent allergy. If you take them for long enough, it might help you identify the trigger foods.

2. Red and Bronze Nail Beds

If your dog has white nails, you will notice them immediately. These infections are common with Bully Breeds including Spaniels, Bulldogs, Boxers, and Dalmatians. In this case, the base of nails become red or bloody. It shows some inflammatory immune response.   

These are sensitive areas, and b on the lookout if your dog itches or licks them too often. If your dog does it too often, it has become systemic. So, you need to conduct a careful food elimination diet to find the trigger food. While you are at it, you must clean your dog’s ears a few times every week.

3. Bronzing Around the Lips

It’s a noticeable sign in white coat dogs. You will see that their lips, feet and even skin have become inflamed and pink. This shows the sign of yeast colonisation. Allergies trigger it. The lips and toes of your dog turn red, pink and inflated. The pet will itch very often.

It clearly shows a sign of yeast-based infection or some food allergy. Yeast infection or sunburn can make it worse. You can treat this with a homemade mixture of apple cider vinegar and purified water. You can also add some apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water and food to control the yeast and acidity.

Make sure you stay away from veterinary solution with the likes of benzoyl peroxide It will dry out the skin and make it irritated

4. Itchy Skin, Inflamed Underbelly, and Dull Coat

These signs show allergy. The dog itches without relict. It can get worse and even lead to hair loss. The skin under the hair becomes red or pink. It is dry and inflamed. Even if you bath your pet, it won’t help his case. So, you are better off if you use some over the counter medication.

This can help you with near constant scratching. This is due to environmental and food allergy. If you want to treat it, you better put aside the shampoo. It causes dermatitis and may make the thing even worse.

First of all, switch to a mild shape and carefully rinse your dog If you have rinsed property, you need to try this trick and shampoo your dog, rinse him and once you believe you are done you better rinse two more times to be safe.

Shampoo with artificial colours and addictive can lead to irritation. So, you need to stick to something more appreciate, you have to natural rinse your dog. Find someone that is made from apple cider vinegar and coconut oils.

If nothing else works, you can try and apply some Aloe Vera. Do it three times a day for a week. You can also use baking soda, make a past with water and apply t on the affected area. You need to let it sit for a while. For dogs that don’t have grain allergies, you can make an oatmeal poultice and use it to sooth the skin.


4 Signs That Show Your Dog is Infected with an Allergy

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