My Experience Of A Dietbon Diet Food Delivery

AD | Paid collaboration I don’t think I’ve ever had a really good relationship with food and I know I should be doing a lot better than I am. I struggle with organising meals if they are just for myself and I sometimes can’t be bothered to prepare a full meal. I want something quick, filling and easy to sort out. Recently, after giving up drinking sugary drinks like Coca Cola, I lost a bit of weight but it put me at an awkward in between size. To try to get down to that lower size I decided to try

5 Favourite Films Of 2019

Every month I write about the things we’ve been watching, both on TV and films. Although I haven’t watched loads this year, and definitely not new releases, I wanted to look back and talk about 5 of my favourite films of 2019. Bohemian Rhapsody I bought John Bohemian Rhapsody for Father’s Day back in June and I really wasn’t that fussed about watching it. I like Queen well enough but I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan. But, John put it on and within minutes I was hooked and I stopped working to watch it. Rami Malek is pretty incredible

Baa Baa Bubbles Game Review

AD | Includes gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) It’s only happened a few times over the past year or so but as soon as Erin saw Baa Baa Bubbles* advertised she got really excited about it. Luckily, we were recently sent it to review and as soon as I showed Erin she couldn’t wait to play it. What’s inside the box: Baa Baa Bubbles Sheep Bottle of bubble solution 12 numbered cardboard circles Before being able to play you need to load up the sheep’s back with bubble solution. There are 4 different sections that you need

What We’ve Been Watching: December 2019

What We’ve Been Watching is a monthly feature where we talk about everything we’ve been watching over the past month. It might be something on Netflix, NOW TV, Sky or even just a DVD we’ve had for years but wanted to watch again. If we’ve been watching something new we’ll talk about that too! *May contain spoilers so read with caution! TV and streaming December has been a really quiet month for watching TV. I have been slammed with work, both me and Erin being ill and going away twice. Usually I would watch loads of Christmas things or binge

Creating A Cosy Corner With BeanBagBazaar

AD | Gifted item With Erin just about to turn 4 she is quickly realising that she wants different things in her bedroom. The way she uses the space now is vastly different from how she did even a year ago. She wants somewhere comfortable and cosy to chill out and relax and somewhere to sit and look at her books. I wanted to get something that would last Erin a long time and work well for at least the next few years. We recently received the ICON™ Kenai Faux Fur Bean Bag in Arctic wolf. BeanBagBazaar also sell children’s bean bags but

Food re-distribution helps to remove food poverty

AD | Collaborative post Unfortunately, there is an increasing issue with poverty across the UK, and the most devastating part is that it is affecting children the most. Poverty affects 6 million people in the UK and for several of these people that means they will go a whole day without food.  What’s being done to try and eradicate poverty? In terms of food, there are charities in the UK that work to provide food for food banks and school clubs so that people can have a decent meal each day. Although this might seem only small to the majority

A Pre-Christmas Celebration At The Beechwood Hotel

A few years ago we discovered a really fantastic restaurant just a few minutes away from our house. I don’t know how we didn’t know it was there but the Beechwood Hotel quickly became a family favourite. This year, as Mum now lives with us in Norfolk we wanted to do something special for Christmas and a trip back here was an obvious choice. During December the Beechwood Hotel offers a pre-Christmas celebration menu which consists of 3 courses for £29.95. This includes canapes as well! There is also a children’s menu available to with various options and ice cream

Things to Consider About Pet Hair Vacuums

Collaborative post Pets are cute and they are fun to be with; they keep you company, just like a true friend. These furry friends do not complain much, and are everywhere, even inside the house they go to every nook and corner of your home. When they do that, they leave a mess of fur everywhere. Luckily, vacuum cleaners are now available to help clean up after your pet, especially in the fur all around the house.  Vacuum cleaners can help, but do not rush into buying one without considering a few things. When you have considered these things, you