5 Bathroom Renovation Tips For a Smooth Project

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A modern and practical bathroom has the undeniable power to improve the appeal of a home. However, planning a bathroom remodel could quickly turn into a somewhat challenging task if you know a few key details. Below are some tips to help ensure your bathroom renovation is crowned with success.

1. Avoid Dramatic Alterations

The fewer changes you make, the lower the cost will be. Elaborate design with curves, steps, and decorative mouldings may throw you out of your budget. This also applies to tasks like changing the plumbing. So, try to keep as many elements in your bathroom as is (perhaps, only replace old piping or fixtures). Now, if you must move some fundamental sanitary-ware, make an effort to keep the loo as close to the current soil pipe as possible so that it can be connected with relative ease. It is also vital that you select the bathroom suite including a sink, bath, and toilet of your likes, alongside any furniture you may need before any tiling or plastering works begin.


  • Once you have planned a layout, show it to the related (registered) tradesmen (i.e., tiller, electrician, etc.). This will save you from unnecessary costs from problems that could get in the way.
  • Stick to the finalised layout from start to finish.
  • When you hit the market to make the necessary purchases, do not hesitate to ask for a discount. Almost every store is open to price negotiations.
  • Before you decide to throw away your sanitary-ware, first see if they are salvageable. Good quality items can be re-enamelled and look like brand new again.  

2. Make the Most of What You Have

If your bathroom space provides a limited area to work with, the best thing you can do is make sure that you use the available space efficiently. Consider, for example, a wall-mounted toilet or built-in storage nooks and crannies (i.e., a ledge-style shelf for the toiletries/towels or a shower shelf to store soaps, shampoos and the like). Sliding doors also come handy as they save you quite a lot of space compared to having a hinged door instead. Large frameless mirrors that cover an entire wall are your allies too as they will instantly give the room an airy, lighter (and more polished) sensation. And, to avoid misting up after your bath or shower, simply rub some toothpaste (use a clean cloth).

The colour also plays a crucial role in the way an area looks. The right combination of shades can make a room look bigger or taller. Neutral colour palettes with random colour injections can work wonders.

3. Sort Out Your Must-Haves

To make the bathroom look uncluttered, fresh, and practical, it is best to narrow down your wish list to the bare essentials. You may love getting into a hot bubble bath after work but do you really want to give up so much floor space to fit a tub? The right combination of materials and colours can help create a stylish look. So, there is no need to try to squeeze in as many items from your wish list in a bathroom space unless it is large enough to accommodate your every need comfortably.

4. Use Light to Your Advantage

Pendant lighting is a more cost-effective option than individual wall lights or downlights. For an even more flexible scheme, you could consider multiple bulb fittings that need only one power cable. Nevertheless, if you have decided to rewire your bathroom, then you can definitely opt for having two bathroom lighting circuits – one for mood lights and the other for task lights. Moving away from the budget-conscious options and speaking more with interior design in mind, placing mirrors near a light source will help reflect the light and make the room look more bright and soul-pleasing.

5. Pick a Focal Point

To increase the wow factor, choose one statement feature. It will give the bathroom a luxurious look without having to spend a fortune. For instance, it may be a grand chandelier (while everything else follows simple, minimalistic lines and makes much less noise) that could serve as your centrepiece. You may also mix and match different styles. Try, for instance, using a basic basin with a freestanding bathtub and see how it feels.

Final Notes:

  • Only work with reputable tradespeople. Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends that have used them and online reviews can prove valuable indeed. Steer clear from those that ask for cash (you need a receipt in case of future problems) and upfront payments (could mean their merchants no longer give them credit or that they have cash flow issues).
  • Look for bathroom fixtures with easy-to-clean nozzles so that your bathroom always looks neat and clean.
  • Installing a ventilation system will help keep moisture and dampness to a minimum.
  • Only select materials that can put up with the conditions of a bathroom environment and the high volumes of water (i.e., sealed wall tiles or waterproof paints).

Remodelling your bathroom can now be a hassle-free project that eventually gives you that peaceful sanctuary you seek to relax and unwind after a long and hard day at work (or with the kids)!


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