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5 Christmas Hamper Essentials

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Whether you’re trying to get a gift for a relative, friend, or colleague, a Christmas hamper is a great idea. If the person you’re buying for hasn’t asked for anything specific, you can instead give them a few smaller treats which they’re sure to like, rather than buying them something that will sit in their cupboard for years, gathering dust. Yes, gift hampers are lovely for any occasion, and if you think this could be a great Christmas gift for someone this year, here are five essentials you will need to include.

Wine, gin, whiskey, or any other kind of liquor is a staple in Christmas hampers. A bottle of bubbly will help anyone get into the festive spirit, and they can use it for pre-dinner drinks or Christmas Eve parties. If the person you’re giving the hamper to isn’t a big drinker, simply swap the booze out for quality, artisan soft drinks or tea and coffee from an upmarket brand.

  • Sweet Treats

One of the best things about the festive season is all the incredible food that you can indulge in. Make sure your hamper has a collection of sweet treats that can be enjoyed with afternoon tea or as a dessert after dinner. Shortbread is always a popular choice, as it’s a no-fuss kind of biscuit that the majority of people enjoy, or find some festive themed biscuits if you want to try something different. Quality chocolates are also a must, like the ones from

  • Savory Snacks

While sweet treats will always be popular gift items, it’s important to balance it out or offer something savory in case the person you’re giving your hamper to doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth. Cheeses, chutneys, and fancy crisps are all good choices. Charcuterie meats are also things you could consider, including, along with other pickles and olives. However, before you start filling your hamper with these delicious items, remember to think about their longevity and only include things that won’t go off before they can eat them! Especially if you’re sending the hamper via post.

  • Games

While foodie treats are must-haves in a Christmas hamper, adding some additional items to mix it up a bit is also something you should do. Shop around and see if you can find some novelty Christmas games that could keep them and their family occupied over the festive period. You could also include puzzles, a deck of cards, crosswords, craft kits, anything that will fit comfortably in your gift hamper that they might enjoy.

  • Pampering Gifts

Finally, don’t forget to include some nice bath salts, oils, facemasks, or other nice pampering gift items for them to enjoy. It’s always nice to receive some luxury pamper items that you might not normally treat yourself to, especially when you want to relax over the Christmas break, so that these additional gifts will be greatly appreciated.

Gift hampers are wonderful options for any occasion, and you can add items that suit the person you’re giving it to. Just make sure you include these 5 Christmas hamper essentials if you’re thinking about giving them to people this year.

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