5 Easy Tips for Taking Selfie Like a Pro

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We’re no strangers to selfies in 2021. These self-portraits litter our camera rolls and profile pics, with Google reporting an estimated 93 million selfies each year captured on Android devices alone.

From the iconic duck-lips to timeless peace-sign poses, we’ve all taken our fair share of selfies. We use them for dating profiles, casual posts, and self-confidence boosts. A great selfie could go a long way, and all it takes is that one perfect shot.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to snap a selfie where we’re instantly satisfied with the result. One selfie turns into 40 of them before you know it; it could take some time before lighting, angles, and smiles all come together for a winning picture. 

Luckily, modern technology works wonders. Our phones are equipped to help us take professional-grade photos. Here are five easy tips for taking a selfie like a pro.

Use an App for That Perfect Selfie

Apps like Facetune allow you to retouch your selfies straight from your mobile device. You don’t have to be a skilled Photoshop editor or go overboard on airbrushing. Retouch apps allow you to tweak aspects of a photo to take your selfie up a notch.

You can use one of the apps to change your eye color or even whiten your smile. Some apps will let you change your hair color and adjust the size of your nose or eyes too.

These subtle differences make a significant impact on the overall look of your selfie. There’s nothing wrong with fine-tuning a selfie with minor edits, so go for an app that will help highlight your best features. 

Details Matter

Let’s face it, when we’re taking selfies, we’re focused on our faces. Our smile, hair, and overall appearance matter most — or do they? The devil is in the details, so overlooking the background elements of your photo could lead to a cringe-worthy selfie fail

We all want our selfies to rank high in likes and comments, but not for the wrong reasons. Try to avoid any embarrassing slip-ups; check your background when snapping selfies and then double-check before posting.

Try to leave messes out of sight. Be sure that you didn’t accidentally capture something that shouldn’t be there. Even sensitive information, like your address and street number, should never be present in a selfie posted online.

Be mindful of every element of the photo and think before you post. 

Know Your Angles

We’ve all opened our front-facing camera by mistake and seen a side of ourselves we wish we could forget. Even the tilt of the lens can make or break a selfie. Angles either accentuate or expose your qualities, so play around and see what angles work for you.


Avoid holding your phone below eye level, as this rarely works in anyone’s favor. This angle can make your body look big, and your head looks tiny. Try holding the camera or phone slightly above eye level, and keep your chin up for a flattering photo.

Lighting Is Everything

Using the camera flash rarely does us any favors in the way of lighting. It washes the color out of any great photo and leaves us with more editing work than necessary. Yet, lighting is an important quality of a photo that can’t always be made up for with edits.


Natural light will yield the best results. Try to take your selfie near an open window or in an area where there’s plenty of good lighting. You’ll notice that this always looks better than low-lit areas.

Be Yourself

Beauty comes from within, so let that shine on the outside by being true to yourself. Don’t try to force a smile or strike some super-model pose if it doesn’t feel right. When you act natural, you look natural.


For a confident-looking selfie, try to pose in a way that feels easy and unforced. 

Ready, Set, Selfie!

You’re on your way to selfie success. So snap away, and post what makes you feel good. Just

don’t forget to add a nice caption!

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