5 Ways To Look After Your Garden In Winter

5 Ways To Look After Your Garden In Winter

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Over the past week or so the temperatures have really dropped and we have even seen a little bit of snow down here in Norfolk. Something I think we tend to forget about a little bit at this time of year is the garden. For us, we don’t go out there nearly as much during the winter and I know we could do more to keep it in better shape. Here are some ideas for how to look after your garden in winter.

Hire a gardener

I am not the most green fingered of people and in fact, I really don’t know what to do with my garden most of the time. I think we’re pretty lucky that our garden is quite empty and all we really have is grass to tend to. If you have a larger garden with a lot of plants, it would be a good idea to look into some gardening services. A gardener will know what to do in different areas of your garden and help to keep it as healthy as possible.

Keep it tidy

When the weather starts getting colder, and wetter, I like to have a good tidy up in the garden. This means pushing the table to one side, stacking up chairs and putting any toys Erin might not use in or underneath the playhouse. Our garden is quite easy to manage in this sense but other gardens may become cluttered over the year and a garden clearance would be a good idea before the cold kicks in.

Winter plant

Plant for Spring

Winter doesn’t have to mean staying out of the garden and there are lots of things you can do during this season. If you like seasonal plants and flowers then there are different things that can be planted during the winter. Be sure to check when the best month for planting is and what conditions are needed. Some plants are okay to plant in the cold but not when there is frost or snow on the ground.

Cover your furniture

In the past we have had garden furniture break because of the cold temperatures. We used to have a small glass patio table but unfortunately the glass smashed when it froze one year. Since then we are much more careful with our garden furniture and it’s actually easy to look after during the winter months. Garden furniture can be covered up with protective sheets or if you have space, you could put things like barbeques and chairs in a shed or garage.

Keep off the grass

Our lawn is pretty big and we try to keep the length down right before winter starts. Getting your grass at the right length can be tricky because too long can mean brittleness and breaks whereas too short can cause your grass to die too early due a shock! Something we don’t think of during winter is how wet the grass and the ground can get. By walking over your lawn when it’s too wet can cause damage to not only the grass but also the ground underneath. This can leave you with a patchy lawn and a big muddy mess!


5 Ways To Look After Your Garden In Winter

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