6 Great Gadgets for New Parents

6 Great Gadgets for New Parents

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First things first, if you’re expecting your first baby in the near future, it’s only natural to be a frustrating mix of anticipation, panic, exhilaration and confusion. Remember that you’re not alone and you are not the first to feel this way; not by a long shot! In fact, the challenges of becoming a parent for the first time are universal, that the technologically minded of the world have turned their intellect to the subject.

How can we make life easier for parents in those early stages?

The following gadgets are just 6 of the great ideas they came up with.

  • Water Bottle Adapter

It’s a busy time, and now and again you are bound to forget something the baby needs. This little tool can sit in your handbag until you need it, but is a life-saver if you forget your baby bottle; it’s a nipple attached to a bottle cap adapter so you can screw a nipple to a standard bottle and feed your baby.

  • Puree Machine

This machine enables you to turn pretty much any food you have in the house into baby food. Making your own baby food is not only very convenient but gives you more flexibility over your baby’s diet. In addition, it could also save you some money when compared to buying ready-made branded foods.

  • Portable High Chair

Not all restaurants keep high chairs, and some don’t always have enough, so it’s a great idea to keep a portable high chair in the car, ready for when you need it. Remember to compare as many of the best portable high chairs and travel chairs as you can before settling on a final decision.

  • Baby Monitor

The baby monitor is a classic bit of baby kit but the models you can buy now have some great features. For example, video baby monitors enable you (and other family members) to see your baby wherever you are in the house using your phone with an adjustable 360° view. You can talk to your baby or babysitter through them or even record your voice with soothing messages so your baby can hear your voice while you’re away. Visit wiredsmart.io to compare the latest baby monitors on the market.

  • White Noise Generator

To replicate the sounds your baby was used to in the safety of the womb you can buy a white noise generator. This is a great way to soothe a restless baby and increase the likelihood of everyone in the family getting some sleep from time to time! These machines can be expensive, so another option is to buy a humidifier which will produce a similar noise and add moisture to the air in your home which is beneficial for your baby’s sensitive skin.

  • Dummy Thermometer

This gadget is just like a normal dummy for babies, but it includes a thermometer as well. Any time you want to know how your baby’s temperature is you can simply glance at it. You’ll get a sense for what is normal body temperature is for your baby and will be able to recognise when something changes before other symptoms of illness start to kick in.


6 Great Gadgets for New Parents

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