6 Things I Love About Autumn

6 Things I Love About Autumn

Out of all of the seasons I think autumn is my absolute favourite. Summer, especially this summer, makes me uncomfortably hot. I really don’t like looking like a hot, sweaty mess all of the time. Winter and spring can both be as bad as each other, depending on when snow decides to fall and the rain is usually horrendous. We have a really cold house so winter is not a good time for us. Autumn, on the other hand, can be pretty wonderful and here’s why:

Hot chocolate

I very rarely drink hot drinks but sometimes, when it starts to get chilly, I crave a hot chocolate. We don’t have anywhere yet in the town where we live to get one to take away (although Costa is opening soon) so I have to make it at home. I always make it with hot milk heated in a pan because for some reason, it just tastes better that way. Writing this makes me want one now!

Crunchy leaves

I really love when the weather changes and all of the leaves on the trees turn brown and fall off. We live near a really big park and it looks beautiful in the autumn. Erin loves to run around in huge spaces and hearing her jump up and down in the leaves is pretty magical. Last year we went to Green Park in London and she had the best time in the leaves. I can’t wait to do something like that again this year.

Green Park 2017
Green Park, London 2017

Dresses and tights

Generally, I live in jeans and boring t-shirts and during the summer I only wear sandals. Autumn is perfect boots weather though and this year I’m determined to get out of my jeans and back into some of the dresses that are hiding in my wardrobe. I have just bought a new Joe Browns dress that I got at the bargain price of £16.50 instead of £55 and I can’t wait to wear it for the first time.


If I’m not wearing sandals then chances are I am wearing boots. I’m not really an in the middle kind of woman (although I do own multiple pairs of Skechers). Last year’s boots sadly died so I recently bought some beautiful tan leather boots and they are great! I could do with a black pair as well really to make sure I have boots to go with every outfit but this pair will do for now.

Center Parcs

This will be the second year that we have gone to Center Parcs and now it sort of means that autumn is really here. Unfortunately, I know we won’t be able to keep this up once Erin starts school because the lodges go from under £400 to over £1100 and that’s just for 2 bedrooms. Center Parcs is a pretty magical place for us now as it’s where we took Erin on her first holiday and we will have gone with family both times too.

Center Parcs 2017
Center Parcs Elveden Forest 2017


Mostly, all of the new TV series start in September or October. I feel like the summer is a long time of nothing much going on TV wise and apart from on Netflix, there isn’t much new starting. Personally, this is what I’m looking forward to coming up:

American Horror Story (September)

Grey’s Anatomy (November I think)

Criminal Minds (October)

These are the three shows I’m waiting for the most but I’m sure there are loads more that I’ll want to watch as well.

So, that’s what I love about autumn. I’d love to know what you like or especially, what TV shows you’re looking forward to!


6 Things I Love About Autumn

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