6 Trending Bedroom Designs in 2023

6 Trending Bedroom Designs in 2023

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Installing a new kitchen, bathroom, or living room is great, but there is nothing quite like transforming a bedroom into a relaxing paradise. After all, it is the one room in the house that does not need to incorporate anyone else’s personality. With this in mind, we’ve gathered together six bedroom designs trending in 2023. Let’s get started.

Luxe Maximalism

Maximalism involves fully embracing the more-is-more approach to interior design, which involves plenty of accessories, saturated colours, patterns, bold gestures, and an overall aesthetic that brings out playfulness. The ‘luxe’ part of this interior design trend works to build on maximalism by allowing your bedroom to feel more luxurious, which is a great contrast after being outside or on the work commute. 

Two-in-One Headboards

You will have likely seen two-in-one bedrooms in hotels, where the board stretches further and has built-in nightstands. Now, this trend is making its way into the average bedroom, as people look to add multifunctional pieces to the home. Many of these headboards have a shelving unit running across the top, where you can lay an LED strip to make your bedroom feel warm. 

Hanging Nightstand Lighting

If you have ever scrambled for your drink in the night and knocked off your bedside lamp, you will understand the struggle of finding enough space on the nightstand. As with the two-in-one headstand, people are trying to get more out of the space they have. Therefore, you will likely see more pendant-style hanging lights over the nightstand. 

Five-Star Styles

The cost of living is rising and more people are choosing to forgo their holidays, which means more hotel trends are making their way into the average home. With this in mind, bedrooms are being refined with five-star accents, which look like luxurious bedding, mini-fridges and dedicated seating areas.  To complete the five-star look, you will likely need to upgrade your internal doors, as they will need to reflect your new-found elegance. You can explore an enormous range of oak doors by following this link.  

Versatile Layers

Adding layers to a bedroom means more than putting a blanket over your bed. Instead, you can play around with patterned elements, textured rugs, and layered bedding. When introducing versatile layers with patterns, you can use two contrasting patterns or opt for the same pattern spread across the walls, textiles, and curtains. 

Spa Inspiration

Bedrooms are being used for more than just sleeping in these days, as people are setting up offices and spaces for working out. However, the bedroom is still considered a sanctuary for finding peace and zen, which is why colours, materials and shapes are being introduced in a way that resembles a spa. For example, natural linens, wood, stone, and marble furnishings and accents help to promote relaxation in the bedroom. 

Bedroom interior design in 2023 is focused on making the most out of all available space while seeking out relaxation. Regardless of your personal tastes, these are the elements you should focus on.

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