Latest Trending Interior Design Movements Predicted for 2024

Latest Trending Interior Design Movements Predicted for 2024

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Whether you are an enthusiastic design student studying for your A Levels at college, a professional interior designer, or a self-confessed DIY superstar, staying ahead of trends and fashions is vital. Interior design trends are always changing, so continue reading to learn of the latest trending interior design styles predicted for 2024.

Japanese Wabi Sabi 

First and foremost, one huge trend predicted for 2024, which is already having an influence in the design world, is that of Japanese Wabi Sabi.

Essentially, this movement focuses on finding the beauty and simplicity in organic, non-symmetrical, and generally imperfect items, textures, and shapes.

Examples of Japanese Wabi Sabi you could bring into your own home’s aesthetic include:

  • An unpolished stone floor in the kitchen
  • A wooden coffee table with natural knots and grain
  • Romantically indulgent candles and wax-burners
  • An earthy, neutral, and raw colour scheme 

Statement Artwork

The wall art and décor you choose to display in your private space always should and usually be indicative of your style and colour preferences and should also inject some personality into your home. 

Statement artwork is on the rise in both residential and commercial properties right across the design world, and the larger, brighter, and more abstract the piece of artwork, the better. Let your creativity run wild, and select a striking piece of art that will get people talking. 

Bringing The Outside In

Another trend in home décor and interior design, which has already become one of the most popular and invested in by high-street and high-end designers alike is to focus on bringing natural elements and nature inside the home. 

From maximising the volume of natural light by adding well-placed wall mirrors and making the window areas as clear as possible, to bi-folding doors from, to the addition of indoor plants, there is a multitude of ways to embrace this natural trend. 

Scandi Décor 

The influence of Scandinavian design and décor has long since been a mainstay of both UK and international designers. Looking forward to 2024, this shows no sign of changing.

The term’ Scandi Décor’ is indeed a broad one, but essentially conveys a timeless, clean, and comfortable aesthetic while still appearing fashionable and earthy. 

As a general colour scheme, stick to monochromatic neutrals consisting of bright and crisp whites, indulgent creams, and nature-based pops of colour, such as sage green and earthy browns. 

Art Deco

Finally, even though arches and curves in both large items of furniture and ornaments on the bedside tables have been a huge fashion statement throughout the industry in 2023, Art Deco is taking things one step further for next year. 

The revival of Art Deco to encompass gold-brushed, ornate tables with decorative edges and matching statement dining chairs, for example, is set to be huge next year. If you are looking to bring a sense of the Art Deco revival into your own home’s interior design framework, treat yourself to throws, blankets, and cushions in luxurious materials and table and floor lamps with beautiful glass lampshades in emerald greens and navy blues. 

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