Storytime Saturday: Alison Hubble

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Storytime Saturday a weekly blog feature showcasing any new books we’ve been reading with Erin, reviewing picture books and talking about our monthly library haul! Basically, Storytime Saturday is all about books! This week I’m talking about Alison Hubble by Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman.

This is the story of Alison Hubble
Who went to bed single . . .
And woke up double!

A tale of MATHEMATICAL MAYHEM from magnificent illustrator Bruce Ingman and master storyteller Allan Ahlberg!

Alison Hubble is shocked when she wakes up to find a twin in the bed next to her. And she keeps doubling . . . and doubling . . . and doubling!

As much as I love Erin, the thought of multiples of her would give me nightmares. In Alison Hubble this is exactly what happens. One night Alison goes to bed but when she wakes up there are two of her! Families with twins will already know what this feels like!

I really liked how funny the book was! As a parent, I cannot imagine how I would feel if my child just kept on multiplying. There ends up being so many Alisons that she is on the news and doctors get involved but no one knows what to do or how it happened!

This really is a surreal and hilarious tale! There are clever hidden jokes for parents and subtle visual humour for children. Alison Hubble pokes gentle fun at one of the parents’ worst nightmares – what to do when your children seem to be everywhere! Alison continues to double and double, creating a while lot of HUBBLE TROUBLE!

The illustrations are great and really fun! There isn’t too much text on each page so it’s pretty perfect for keeping little ones entertained!

Alison Hubble is really fun and we enjoyed reading it!

Alison Hubble was published by Puffin on 5th May 2016.

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