Opening night review: Giggling Squid Norwich

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the opening of a brand new Thai restaurant in Norwich’s Tombland – Giggling Squid. As my mum was visiting at the time she came along with me! Please be warned, there will be quite a few photos in this post!

Upon arrival we were welcomed with a glass of prosecco, which was wonderful!  Neither me or my mum really drink very much although you may not believe that if you read my Turtle Bay Press Evening Review! We arrived quite early but there was a fair amount of people there already. Amongst the guests were staff with bottles of bubbly, just waiting to fill up the glasses!

The first thing I noticed was one of the chefs carving the most amazing centrepiece. The upkeep of this was done throughout the night and honestly, it was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen!

While the evening was still quiet we had the chance to really have a good look around the restaurant. It’s stunning. The decor is modern but cosy at the same time. Giggling Squid‘s new home is where the old La Tasca used to be. The building has stunning windows and a lovely view. Something I was very impressed with was the bookcase on the second floor. I love books and I thought this would be perfect for someone dining alone or for families. The case had a little children’s section which was perfect!

The owner of Giggling Squid had also been working for days on these beautiful weaved pieces upstairs.

A short while, and a few more glasses of prosecco later, canapes were being brought around. Here come to food pictures!

Salt and Pepper Squid/ Sweetcorn Fritter Salt and Pepper Squid Green Curry Prawn Salad Chicken Satay – sorry about the bad picture! Pad Thai

This was the first time I’d had Thai food but I found that there was something for everyone. Some of the canapes were warmer than others in terms of spice but dishes like the Chicken Satay were mild enough for anyone! My mum preferred the Thai Green Curry while the Chicken Satay was more to my taste. This is something I would order a full size of!

Sorry mum!

The main menu is extensive and again, has something for everyone! Curries can be made to suit depending on the level of heat you can take, you can eat tapas style and share with your party and there is even a children’s menu. Earlier on in the evening I happened to mention the importance of family friendly restaurants to the (I think) manager. He came back and found me later on in the night with children’s menus for me to take home. Little things like this make all the difference, especially to customers with a young family!

Before my evening at Giggling Squid I may not have picked it for a meal out. However, the service and quality of food we received completed changed my mind. Giggling Squid is actually now quite high up on my list of restaurants to try in Norwich. I also cannot wait to take Erin and to see if she likes Thai food!

24 Tombland
Norwich, NR3 1RF

01603 667 341

Opening Times
Mon-Thu: 12:00 – 22:00
Fri-Sat: 12:00 – 22:30
Sun: 12:00 – 21:30

14 thoughts on “Opening night review: Giggling Squid Norwich”

  1. Absolutely LOVE the name Giggling Squid! It makes me want to go there for that alone! The picture of your mum enjoy the food is hilarious! I love Thai food and like you, always on the look out for kid friendly places – when you have a young family you need to know you can relax in a place where kids are not only welcome but well catered for!

  2. Ooh it looks so nice!! I’ll have to make sure I try it out when I next get to Norwich. Tbh I’m sold at a restaurant with a bookcase

  3. I bet the food are very delicious especially the Salt and Pepper Squid. I love deep fried squid is so delicious! I would love to visit the place and thank you for sharing

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