Erin and the EasyMat

When we started with weaning when Erin was 17 weeks old I was determined to stick with purees. As Erin has gotten a bit older she has also become quite an independent little girl and sometimes she prefers to feed herself. This has caused us quite a few problems. Then I was introduced to the EasyMat from Tots R Us.

Erin quickly became a plate flinger. She loves to get hold of a plate or bowl in an attempt to feed herself. This ends up in quite a bit of mess on the floor. The EasyMat solves our plate flinging problems.

Food on the floor and mess all over the table!

The EasyMat is a silicone tray that attaches to either your high chair tray or your dining table. The tray is quite large, measuring 38.1 x 25.4cm so you should really measure the surface you’ll be using it on before purchasing. We’re lucky that our Chicco Polly Magic High Chair has a really big tray. As you can see, we still have loads of extra space around the EasyMat.

The  EasyMat attaches to the tray with the four suction pads in each corner. To use all you need to do is push down and click into place. I thought that this was too easy not secure enough but how wrong I was!

Erin attempted to get the EasyMat off the tray throughout our first meal time using it. Erin pulled and tugged in different places, thinking it would come off somewhere! She was so unimpressed when she realised it wasn’t going to go anywhere.

After realising that she couldn’t pull the EasyMat off the tray, Erin did get on with her lunch.

Not only does this product make meal times a lot cleaner but it also makes eating fun! The EasyMat is designed to look like a smiley face and with three separate sections, there is space for different kinds of food. The sections are lovely and deep. The sides make it easy for Erin to push the food up and into her hand without it going everywhere.

Something really important for me is how easy this is to clean. We have washed this by hand each time after use but it is also dishwasher (and freezer) safe! Something that worried me was staining from the orange coloured baby foods but we have no marks on this whatsoever!

I am so impressed with the EasyMat. It has made meal times a lot easier for us and a lot more fun for Erin. It enables her to have a little bit more freedom and independence without me having to worry about food going everywhere and the dog getting a lot of extra meals.

Like the sound of the EasyMat? You can grab one for yourself on Amazon in either green, pink or blue!

Tots R Us have very kindly supplied me with a 20% discount code for my readers. Enter S849TWZX at the Amazon checkout for your discount! 

You can also find Tots R Us on Facebook!

*Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Tots R Us. All opinions are my own. 

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