Arseholes everywhere

Yesterday I decided to go into the city (Norwich) with Erin because we needed a few bits and pieces. Now, if you didn’t know this already, I don’t drive so a trip to Norwich involves a 30ish minute train journey and then a 10 minute walk to the city centre which is hard enough all by itself. Anyway, I was looking forward to a day out in the sun with my girl but it really was not the fun day I had in mind.

Erin has a bit of a thing about being hungry. If I don’t figure out that she’s hungry before she does then it results in such a massive melt down with screaming so much that it nearly makes her sick. At home this never happens because I can tell what’s going on but being out and about is different. People have a tendency to comment or say absolutely stupid things when this happens and I get quite angry.

Anyway, for various reasons there was so many annoying people about yesterday.

Arsehole number one – I’m sat having my lunch in McDonald’s, eating away happily while Erin is giggling away in her pushchair. A woman comes up and says ‘are you nearly done I want to sit down.’ Now, this woman wasn’t any kind of polite whatsoever. McDonald’s wasn’t even that busy and she could have sat quite a few other places. Anyway, I said to her that no, I wasn’t nearly done and I would be feeding my daughter after I was done. I did, however, say that her and her son was welcome to sit at the table anyway seeing as there was spare seats (and she did). I was annoyed so I was a bit petty to be honest and took a bit longer feeding Erin than was needed but she was rude so I wasn’t about to leave.

Arsehole number two – Once again, I’m feeding Erin. She was too busy looking around with the first bottle so we had to go and finish it off on a bench outside somewhere because the meltdown was about to begin. Erin is quite happily having her bottle while being sat in her pushchair. A man comes and sits down right next to me and lights a cigarette and blows the smoke in our direction. Now, as someone who smoked for about 15 years, I am not actually moaning about the guy smoking. However, when I smoked I purposely moved out of the way of people with babies and children. This guy was right in our faces! I stomped off in a huff and fed Erin elsewhere. My anger levels were sort of okay at this point.

Arsehole number three – By far, this was the worst part of our day. Erin begins to have the most humongous melt down in BHS. We’re on the level with the restaurant/ toilets so I go to head that way to calm her down/ see if she needs changing. A weird guy starts walking behind us huffing and puffing saying ‘I should stop that child crying’ and ‘Maybe she wouldn’t cry if you didn’t beat her up.’ Yes, someone actually said that to me. By this point Erin was screaming so much she was nearly being sick and there was tears streaming down her face. I picked her up to try to calm her down. Pushing a pram while holding a baby is not easy. I could not stay quiet with this guy. I turned around and said some very bad words to him multiple times and I was very close to punching him in the face. Violence is not the answer (but god it would have felt good). A lovely member of staff apologised on his behalf because she heard what he said.

Arsehole number four – the train guy sat in the space for wheelchairs/ prams. This guy was not going to move. I asked him to, he said why couldn’t I just stand near the doors with the pram. Nice. He moved after some more moaning at him. There was loads of other seats on the train, he was just being an arsehole.

Do you ever have those days where you feel like the world is out to get you? That was yesterday. It made me never want to go back to the city on my own with Erin ever again!

11 thoughts on “Arseholes everywhere”

  1. Oh my goodness what a bunch of idiots! I can’t imagine how rude … Oh yes, I can actually. But haven’t really had any experience … yet…. with them. Either that, or I can’t just remember at the top of my head. But I would probably be the same and want to punch that rude man on the face too! Same with that guy who smoked beside you and your little one. All of them. Thank goodness that day is over!

  2. Unfortunately the world is full of quite a few arseholes and they do tend to ruin it for us. just like these idiots above. They should all just get lost!

  3. Oh my goodness what a bad day! Sadly there are so many around and they always seem to be on trains. I had a bad experience when a guy was sat in my pre booked seat when I was 8 months pregnant and wouldn’t move. I was so emotional, tired and just cried. He moved pretty quick then X

  4. Awww sorry it’s made you feel that way. Don’t let it put you off going again. The smoking guy would’ve really pissed me off and the train guy x

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