Making friends

Erin started going to a variety of classes from about 8 or 9 weeks old, with the first being Baby Sensory. I was so happy that a friend from work was also going with her son who is 5 weeks older than Erin. I was terrified of going to something like this and not talking to anyone. I shouldn’t have been worried though as all the mums who go are lovely and I chat to most of them now.

My work friend already knew another mum going as well and we got talking quite easily. Megan’s son Noah is only a week older than Erin (he’s a Christmas Day baby) so I found it easy to talk to her about her both babies were getting on.

Although I made friends with Megan easily I was expecting for Erin to really make friends with Noah. I didn’t really think it was possible at this age if I’m honest. However, it is clear that they really are friends now. I see Megan and Noah sometimes 4 days a week. We go to the same swimming class, baby yoga, baby sensory and sometimes a local library group. Therefore, Erin and Noah see each other quite a lot.

A few weeks ago they were both laid out of the changing table after swimming and Noah kept reaching over for Erin. I moved her a little bit closer. I couldn’t believe what happened next. Noah reached out and held Erin’s hand. Now, I took this as a one off to begin with but he’s done it again a few times since. It is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

Erin also really recognises Megan now as well. The other week at Baby Sensory she kept shouting at Megan until she said hi and gave Erin some attention. Only then was she content. Babies are funny creatures.

I love that Erin has got a friend like Noah. Seeing the two of them together makes me smile so much and I can’t wait until we can see them playing properly together.

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  1. Aww that is so sweet! How lovely that your little one has a friend at such an early age. My daughter had her first best friend when she was two. And I’m glad to say they’ve managed to keep the friendship now that they are both turning six soon 🙂 x

  2. Oh this is adorable!!! I joined a second NCT class with Kipper so that he can have some fiends his own age. Monkey is so close to his NCT chums. It’s lovely I’m sure these two will be friends for a very long time! X

  3. So cute! What an adorable moment captured. Baby groups are such a great way to make friends and it’s amazing seeing your little ones so sociable when they’re that small. x

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