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For me and Erin, Friday is normally Baby Sensory day. Unfortunately we can’t go today as Erin needs to see he health visitor. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to take Erin to as many classes as possible to get her experiencing new things and so I could meet other mums. A couple of weeks ago during half term we attended a taster session and luckily so did one of my friends from work who has a three month old baby boy.

I was a bit unsure as to whether or not Erin would benefit from this kind of class as she was only 7 weeks old but the website explained that it was good for babies from 0 months old! I got to the taster session super early, because I always get to things early, and Andrea the class leader was so nice and welcoming. It was actually nice to have a look around the equipment before the class started and to have a chat with Andrea about what to expect.

The taster class was for babies aged 0-13 months but regular classes are split into 0-6m and 7-13 months so activities are well suited for different ages. Each class is split into different sections and starts with a song ‘Say hello to the sun’ which also uses sign language. Afterwards there are different songs and activities for everyone to do together such as songs using props or using musical instruments. Erin absolutely loved playing with rattles! Next is break time which gives everyone time to talk to each other and for the babies to play with some other sensory toys. The end of the class is another song to say goodbye but Erin fell asleep by this point so she didn’t get to take part!

Each class has a different theme which helps children in different ways. Last week, for example, was all about visual stimulation so we did things with various black and white props, songs using scarves as leaves and we also learned some more sign language. I can’t wait for Erin to pick this up (although that’s a good way off) so that she can tell me when she wants milk or so that she can sign Mummy or Daddy.

Erin and I enjoyed the taster class so much that we signed up for 10 classes which costs £70. Not only does Erin really enjoy doing something different every week but I love getting to spend time with other mums and I’ve quickly come to realise that they’re the same. It’s hard spending all day alone with a baby and there’s a real need for adults to talk to and to share worries with. I already feel so much better for realising that other mums are scared to bathe their children alone or that other babies hate their arms being taken out of clothes (Erin normally screams at this point).

Classes are held all over, not just in Norfolk where I am and you can find out more about it here!


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  1. That looks great fun. I took Lucas to a lot more baby sensory things than I did the other two. They are great fun. We loved music classes and baby massage. Xx

  2. Baby Sensory was my absolute favourite when Harley was younger, I used to love it more than him I think! We’re on the waiting list now for Toddler Sense as Harley has just turned one – can’t wait! X

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