8 week injections

2016-02-28 16.51.58Erin was 8 weeks old last Friday and today she had her first set of immunisations. John unfortunately couldn’t get the day off work so I had to take her to her appointment on my own… which I was terrified about. I had absolutely no idea what to expect or how many injections she was going to be having.

The nurse was lovely and explained everything to me really thoroughly before she did anything to Erin. She also showed me the needles first although that really didn’t reassure me at all. The needles looked huge compared to Erin’s tiny little legs. Last week Erin only weighed 7lb 4oz, not anywhere close to what a normal 8 week old baby would weigh so she obviously has much smaller legs.

As the nurse got everything ready first it meant she wasn’t messing about between injections. Poor Erin had 2 in 1 leg and 1 in the other as well as drinking some syrup kind of liquid from a syringe. Watching the injections was absolutely horrible as Erin screamed and screamed and screamed. The syrup stuff made her happier afterwards though!

Today was also the first time Erin has tasted something other than milk. She’s got to have 3 doses of Calpol to help stop her getting a fever from one of the injections. I wish I could have got a picture of her face the first time she has some earlier on. The strawberry taste must have been so sweet and different for her. She seems to really like it and took it easily so that’s a good thing.

Erin has been quite grumbly since having the injections this morning but hopefully by tomorrow she’ll be her happy self again. I’m not looking to more injections in a few weeks time but at least John will be with us for those.

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