Why baby wearing isn’t for me

Before Erin was born I had looked at baby slings and carriers. I loved the idea of them. I definitely wanted to do baby wearing.

Unfortunately, having an emergency section and another surgery a week later meant that I wasn’t even able to think about baby wearing. I hadn’t bought a sling or anything at this point. It wasn’t until Erin was nearly 3 months old that I bought the Closer Caboo NCT carrier. Honestly, I did not get my moneys worth. Erin and I didn’t go out on any long adventures with us. We only ventured out to the park once. I did, however, use it a bit around the house to get housework done. It wasn’t quite as comfortable as I had hoped so I didn’t like wearing it very much. As a larger lady, I needed a bit of extra space around the edges.

Now nearly 8 months old, I figured it was time I got a baby carrier for me and Erin. I chose the Mamas and Papas Morph Carrier. Now that we’re starting to take Erin on trips to places like the zoo I wanted for both John and I to be able to carry her around. Getting her in and out of the pram was an absolute pain but she wanted to see everything.

The Morph Carrier is great. It is adjustable with one hand so it means John and I could  both use it and easily change it to fit either of us. It is also super easy to put on and Erin is put in through a ‘pod’ system, something that attaches to the harness separately.

Taken from mamasandpapas.com

As great as the carrier is and although it does everything I wanted it to, I just can’t get on with it. I don’t necessarily think it is the carrier though, I think it’s carriers in general.

I have big boobs. Always have, always will. The straps sit in a way that is just so uncomfortable after a while. If I had them looser though the carrier wouldn’t work properly.

The way that Erin sits in the Morph Carrier is awful for me. As I mentioned earlier, I had a c-section and an additional surgery. My stomach is still really tender 8 months later and I often have infections around the scar, like right now. Erin ends up putting pressure on my stomach and then I end up in loads of pain because of this.

Erin really seemed to enjoy being forward facing and watching the world. I wish it didn’t hurt so much. I’m going to have to make sure that John gets a lot of use out of the carrier. Seeing as Erin no longer sleeps I think he may start taking her out when he walks Jackson in the morning.

Has anyone else had problems like this with baby wearing?

8 thoughts on “Why baby wearing isn’t for me”

  1. Baby wearing wasn’t for me either, I had an emergency c-section too and found it really sore carrying him at times never mind with a carrier. The carrier looks nice though, I do wish I could have done it though.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  2. I’m a baby wearing lover! We have a Mei Tai. I had a section with Plumlet and actually found it comfortable to wear him as it felt it was ‘holding me together’. He’s 3 in December and we still like the odd trip out with the carrier. We love the closeness.

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