Baker Days cakes: the new birthday card?

When Baker Days got in touch and asked if I would like to review their product how could I say no. Who wouldn’t want cake to come through their letterbox?

When it comes to birthdays I always have to send something in the post. My whole family live away and it’s not very often I get to see them on their birthdays. When I was younger I always used to buy my mum a birthday cake from Skeltons (I don’t know if it was just a local place). I haven’t done that for a long time now because I’m not there!

What makes Baker Days so special is that they have come up with a 5″ cake that fits perfectly through a letterbox. You can say goodbye to missed deliveries and to a box of mush arriving to someone you love!

The cake comes delivered quite tightly fitted in a cardboard box, meaning nothing rolls around. Inside is the 5″ cake in a metal tin, small card, some Love Heart sweets and a Baker Days leaflet. The cake itself comes wrapped really well and has a tag underneath it, making it easy to remove from the tin.

When I ordered my sample cake I asked for it to be personalised, something that Baker Days offers on most of their cakes. I chose a cake with some text that could be altered and I also added this picture.

Unfortunately, the picture did not come out nicely at all when put on the cake. It is quite hard to see from the pictures but both John and Erin’s faces were really blurry. John’s face was really red. I was so disappointed.

Baker Days 5″ cakes cost £14.99 so they’re not cheap at all. I’d personalised the cake, intending it for my husband. If I had paid for this and sent it as a gift I would have been quite embarrassed at the quality. Now, I have had a Baker Days cake before (that I won from Toby and Roo). I didn’t have this one personalised though and it came out fine. I can’t find a photo unfortunately. However, it was a yellow star cake and it was perfect. Maybe I just got a bad sample here, I don’t know. Still, I don’t really think it is good enough for the price I would have paid.

Baker Days not only are able to personalise the look of a cake but also the taste. Cake fillings can be vanilla sponge (which is what I was sent) and for an extra charge, chocolate chip, gluten wheat free, dairy free or fruit cake.

The sponge is lovely and the thick icing coving the cake is fabulous! John and I shared the whole cake in 1 sitting. Yes 1 sitting. I like cake! Honestly though, this size cake is absolutely perfect for either 1 or 2 people. We’ve ended up with massive birthday cakes before and struggled to eat it. Okay, that’s a lie but it does take us a whole week to finish and we end up eating it every day.

It really is such a shame that the picture on this cake was so messed up. I think the idea behind these cakes is fantastic and perfect for sending out as gifts, even if they’re a little expensive. The vanilla sponge cake also tastes amazing. I could have easily eaten the whole thing myself!

Disclosure: I was sent this item in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

17 thoughts on “Baker Days cakes: the new birthday card?”

  1. Oh no, sorry to hear about the messed up photo on the cake. We reviewed one too, but didn’t order one with a photo. I found it really good (the taste) but found it too small and a bit pricey for me 🙂

  2. It’s such a shame about the photo 🙁 I got one as well and the picture was okay so hopefully it is just a bad sample :/ although I agree I wouldn’t be happy if I paid for it! The icing is just beautiful isn’t it? I found its a really great quality in terms of taste!

    Jordanne ||

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