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Reading is a pretty big deal in our house. I remember buying Erin plenty of books before she was even born and now she’s got a small library going on in her bedroom. When we bought her IKEA Kallax shelving I hadn’t planned on it being taken over by books but I really not complaining about that now! Reading is such a great way to encourage children’s imaginations, provide a way to explain new things to them and also, they are just fun to look at and read. Erin loves to read a whole range of books and has even been known to try to pick up a Stephen Fry book in the past! We recently received some beautiful board books from Quarto Kids and their Words & Pictures imprint.

Bath books

Okay, so the first two books I’m going to show you aren’t technically board books but they are in the same style. ‘Colours’ and ‘Shapes’ are fun books designed for being used in the bath. They are suitable for all ages so a great idea for introducing books at a young age. Erin loves a particularly long bath but it can be hard to find things to entertain her for the whole time so these are also a great alternative to the typical kind of bath toys.

Quarto Bath books

The pictures inside the bath books are quite large so these are great for younger children. The pictures are also really bright and colourful and I love that everything has a face! I think little details like this help to make the books more fun and also it helps children to see something they already recognise a bit.

Quarto Bath books

Tales from Nature

Next up we have ‘Bee’ and ‘Ladybird’ from the Tales from Nature series. Erin is really into being outside right now and loves to look for bugs in the garden so these were an immediate hit with her.

Quarto Tales from nature books

These books are a great way to introduce children to part of nature and to learn more about the subject of the book. Each book introduces the creature in a cute and friendly way, which I think is really important. Children can easily be scared of bees but the one in this book is happy and smiling. The books explains what the creatures are like as well as some of the things they might do or where they might be.

Quarto Tales from nature books

The Tales from Nature series is really beautifully designed with gorgeous colours and illustrations. There are also peep holes and pop ups to make the books even more fun and interesting to look at!

Peep through

Lastly, we have some wonderful peep through books to help encourage learning first words and numbers. While these are aimed at children a bit younger than Erin, I think they’re going to be really useful when it comes to learning phonics and also learning how to spell.

Quarto Peep through books

The peep holes in the books not only make the pages easier to turn for small hands but they add a bit of excitement when the pages are lifted. All of the illustrations are bold with bright colours being used and the words are printed in black lettering to make it stand out. I like that there is a mix of easier words like car and dog but also harder words like strawberries and biscuits.

Quarto Peep through books

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Win a copy of Bee and Ladybird


Beautiful Board Books From Quarto

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