Beautiful books that will make great Christmas presents

Beautiful books that will make great Christmas presents

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With Christmas not too far away, most of us are now looking to buy the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Below, you can find some suggestions for beautiful books which will make great gifts.

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Discover the classics

As soon as I saw the Jane Austen 7 book collection I fell in love with it. You might know the 7 classic Jane Austen titles already. You might have read them already or maybe you’ve heard of them because of the film versions. No matter how you’ve come to know the titles, whether it’s all or some, they’re fantastic classic novels!

Jane Austen 7 book collection from Books2Door

Titles In This Set:

1. Emma
2. Pride and Prejudice
3. Persuasion
4. Sanditon and Other Tales
5. Northanger Abbey
6. Sense and Sensibility
7. Mansfield Park

The actual boxset is stunning, starting with the lilac presentation case. This matches the colours of the books perfectly, mixing green, pink, blue and orange together. The spines include the titles of the books as well as a sort of floral decoration, with images of some of the characters. Imagine unwrapping this on Christmas Day!

Book covers from the Jane Austen 7 book collection

Save on shipping fees

No one likes waiting around for ages when they order something online. With Books2Door, you can pay a one off fee from £6.95 and get free delivery on your orders for 12 months. There are two different options to choose from:

PLUS+ SILVER = Pay a £6.95 one-off fee and get all orders delivered for the next 12 months (standard shipping, 3-5 working days)

Something magical for all ages

We’re a house full of Harry Potter fans so buying something in this theme for Christmas is always a good idea. Over the years, there have been so many different editions of the Harry Potter books printed and we now have quite a collection.

This year, one of my top choices is the Harry Potter Hufflepuff editions from Books2Door.

Harry Potter Hufflepuff editions from Books2Door

This beautiful set of books comes in a traditional yellow Hufflepuff-coloured box. The colours of the books alternate yellow and black, with images of the Hufflepuff mascot, the badger. This is such a beautiful set of books and will make a fantastic gift for any Harry Potter fan this year.

Of course, you might not be in Hufflepuff; if not, other editions of these books are also available in other Harry Potter house colours.

Book covers from the Harry Potter Hufflepuff editions

Not sure what to buy? Use the filters!

One of my favourite features on the Books2Door website is the filters. Sometimes I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for and I want some inspiration. You can narrow down what you’re looking for into things like age, type or genre. This is ideal when I’m looking for something new for either Erin or John! I can be sure books are age-appropriate and find something I might not have known about before.

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