Burst of Blue accommodation at Cleethorpes Pearl holiday park

Burst of Blue accommodation at Cleethorpes Pearl holiday park

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During our break at Cleethorpes Pearl with Away Resorts, we got to stay in one of their exclusive accommodations. Burst of Blue offers luxury at affordable prices, and a change from your average caravan.

Where can you stay in Burst of Blue accommodation?

Away Resorts currently have 27 locations to choose from, with Burst of Blue being available at the following locations:

  • Sandy Balls
  • Cleethorpes Pearl
  • Mill Rythe
  • Whitecliff Bay
  • Golden Sands
  • Tattershall Lakes

What extra benefits are there?

With most other accommodations at Away Resorts, check-in will be at 4pm. You get an earlier check-in time of 2:30 when you stay in exclusive accommodation. This means you can enjoy the facilities and start your holiday a little earlier.

Don’t forget the welcome pack!

To add that bit of extra luxury to your stay, Burst of Blue accommodation offers a welcome pack for when you arrive. This can really help to take the stress out of having to remember the essentials. Our welcome pack included items such as:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Prosecco
  • Sparkling apple juice
  • Biscuits
  • Kitchen pack (cloth, washing up liquid etc.)
Welcome pack at Cleethorpes Pearl holiday park

2 bedroom accommodation at Cleethorpes Pearl

During our stay at Cleethorpes Pearl holiday park, we stayed in Burst of Blue accommodation with 2 bedrooms. This was ideal for a family of 4 as it meant there was enough space for all of us, without being too cramped. 


Immediately as you walk through the door to this accommodation, you can tell that this is a caravan with a difference. Of course, with a name like Burst of Blue, you can expect some colour on the walls! The blue is gorgeous and paired with splashes of orange, the two really go well together. There are wonderful little touches everywhere. I really liked the pictures on the walls with a holiday/ adventure feel to them, as well as the fact that many of them lit up at the back. The whole feel of the caravan is new and modern, and incredibly clean.

Artwork on wall of caravan with lights behind

Living room

Although we like to stay busy when we’re on holiday, we sometimes have quiet mornings and evenings. Space to spread out, and chill out, is really important to us.

An ‘L’ shaped sofa, complete with foot stools that are stored underneath, meant that there was somewhere for all of us to sit. The footstools are a fantastic idea and the use of space is really clever. Either you have additional seating, or more space to get comfortable and the ability to spread out.

Me reading in the living room, sat on a couch in the carvaan

At a midpoint between the living room and kitchen, there is a really large dining table. Something we have struggled with in the past, elsewhere, is that the table just isn’t big enough or there isn’t enough space for us all to sit. This table had 2 large benches, as well as cube seats that can be pulled out when needed. We had more than enough space.

Living room in Burst of Blue caravan at Cleethorpes Pearl

Between the large dining room table and TV mounted on the wall, this accommodation is great if you want to chill and watch a film, or maybe have a games night. If you’re bringing games or DVDs with you, there’s plenty of storage on the shelves around the TV.


Staying somewhere with a mostly fully equipped kitchen can make holidays so much easier. At Cleethorpes Pearl, in the Burst of Blue accommodations, you really get everything you could possibly need.

Kitchen in Burst of Blue caravan at Cleethorpes Pearl

The kitchen is fairly large, equipped with a full-size fridge freezer, cooker, microwave, toaster and kettle. You’ll find everything else you need in the cupboards and drawers, such as cookware, cutlery, crockery and kitchen utensils. There wasn’t quite enough cupboard space for us to store some of our food but with a quick move around, we managed it.

Main bedroom

Myself and John stayed in the main bedroom, as it was the bedroom with the bigger bed. The room was really spacious, with a separate area for me to get ready and to store our clothes. We had an open wardrobe with plenty of hangers and 1 drawer, which was just about enough for us. We could have maybe done with an extra drawer just for convenience but it wasn’t something that we were too fussed about. 

Whenever we stay anywhere I usually have an issue with the bed, more specifically, the pillows. I’m really fussy and I usually need to get an extra one or swap them around until I’m at least sort of comfortable. I didn’t need to do that here. The bed, and the pillows, were incredibly comfortable and I had such a good sleep every night we were here. If I could have taken the pillows home with me, I think I would have. 

Another thing to note is that there are a lot of ways to make you comfortable in this room. The blinds really do block out the light if you need it to be pitch black, you can turn lights off from the bed and also turn the heating on from there as well! This bedroom also has a TV opposite the bed, which is great if you want to watch something before sleeping!

Second bedroom

Erin and Mum stayed in the second bedroom, located on the opposite side of the caravan to our bedroom. This room had 1 single bed and a bunk bed with 2 beds. Erin loves sharing a room with Mum when we’re on holiday but this set-up meant that they each had a bit more space to themselves. The bed on the bottom bunk seemed a bit bigger than the one on the top bunk and it was nice for both Mum and Erin to have an option about which bed they had. 

Second bedroom in Burst of Blue caravan

Storage-wise, this bedroom has similar to the main bedroom; an open wardrobe and a drawer which was enough for Mum and Erin to share. There’s a TV in here too, opposite the single bed and there are some small shelves underneath as well so you have a little bit more room for smaller items. 

One of Erin’s favourite things about the second bedroom was the little details, such as the back of the headboard that lit up (this is in other rooms too). The room was cosy, warm and perfect for sharing. It would be an ideal bedroom if you have more than 1 child. 


​If you’re a family staying in a caravan then you know that bathrooms can be quite small and not really suitable for children. This is not the case at all with Burst of Blue. The main bedroom has an en suite, equipped with a full-sized bath and overhead shower.

Main bathroom in Burst of Blue caravan

There is also a second bathroom next to the second bedroom (accessible from the living room), with a shower, toilet and sink. It was really nice to have the option of a bath, and I think this is something that other families will really appreciate. The bathrooms also had great radiators so your towels could always be dried, or swimming costumes if you’d been to use the outdoor pool! 

Second bathroom in Burst of Blue caravan.


For the first time, we got to stay in accommodation with a decking area. This was a lovely luxury for us, as it’s something we’ve never had before. The decking has a gate so you can shut off access to the entrance of the caravan, two chairs, small bench-style seat and a small table. The furniture is made from plastic so easy to wipe clean if you spill something, and there was also storage space inside the chairs. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible during our stay so we didn’t get to use this area much but in the warmer weather, it would have been amazing.  

Decking outside Burst of Blue caravan

When can we go back!?

I can’t express just how happy we were staying in this Burst of Blue accommodation. We’ve stayed in other caravans before but this one was extra special. Everything about it felt like we were at home, and able to relax instantly. This might have been our first stay at Away Resorts but it won’t be our last.

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  1. What a fantastic place to stay. I was looking at places to stay in Cleethorpes last week and missed this holiday park. The accommodation looks so luxurious, looking at the pictures you would never guess it was a caravan. x

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