My Top 5 Bathroom Trends

AD | Collaborative post When we were looking at houses I dreamed of a beautiful bathroom that I could spend hours relaxing in. I had so many ideas of what I wanted but the reality is that UK bathrooms come in various shapes and sizes. I got a weirdly placed bathroom with badly built in storage and no shower because of the old boiler. As we haven’t had the spare funds to update our bathroom yet I have had plenty of time to figure out what my favourite bathroom trends are. Roll top baths For the longest

How To Make The Most Of A Small Family Bathroom

AD | Paid partnership with Bathing Solutions Right now, our bathroom isn’t the most pleasant of rooms to be in. A large portion of the room is taken up by an ancient boiler which we haven’t been able to afford to replace yet. Even with that taken out of the picture, our bathroom isn’t a huge room and sometimes all 3 of us end up in there at the same time. Having the boiler upgraded to a Combi and having the whole bathroom replaced is right at the top of our list of things to