My Top 5 Bathroom Trends

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When we were looking at houses I dreamed of a beautiful bathroom that I could spend hours relaxing in. I had so many ideas of what I wanted but the reality is that UK bathrooms come in various shapes and sizes. I got a weirdly placed bathroom with badly built in storage and no shower because of the old boiler. As we haven’t had the spare funds to update our bathroom yet I have had plenty of time to figure out what my favourite bathroom trends are.

Roll top baths

For the longest time I have been a bit obsessed with roll top baths. For me, they scream luxury. Instead of having a bathroom where all you want to do is get washed and leave again, a roll top bath seems like the perfect place for a long soak in a bubble bath. Okay, they might not be the most practical if you’re looking for a sensible family bathroom but it might be a good idea for a second bathroom if you don’t have children to think about.

roll top bath


Being such a dark colour, navy is something I find hard to incorporate into our home. We have an old Victorian house and navy can easily make the rooms too dark. However, in a bathroom there are loads of ways to use navy whether this be in a feature wall, accessories or even the furniture.

Beautiful floor tiles

I think it’s easy to pick something quite plain and boring when it comes to the floors in a bathroom but there are so many great options available. My favourite bathroom trend for floors is beautiful floor tiles.

floor tiles

Family showers

We currently only have a bath in our bathroom thanks to the boiler system we have. However, something I would love in our bathroom is a huge walk-in shower big enough for a family. When you have young children you want to make things as easy as possible and that just isn’t realistic in a small shower cubicle or sometimes, even with an overhead shower in the bath. Having a large walk-in shower would not only make this part of the day quicker but also safer for Erin!


We don’t really have any plants in the house but I would love to have some in the bathroom. I love the idea of having a wall with shelves filled with leafy green plants. Bathrooms can be a really relaxing space in your home if you make the most of the space and use some great accessories and plants can really help here. Alloe vera, spider plants, bamboo and certain ferns can really thrive in high humidity areas making them perfect for the bathroom!


My Top 5 Bathroom Trends

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