10 Unanswered Questions about Peppa Pig

A few months back you may have come across our post about Paw Patrol. Erin is Paw Patrol crazy so we have seen most of the episodes too many times. Unfortunately, she has also taken a liking to the pink pig from hell. I tried to keep her away from it but one slip up meant her watching one episode and that was it. My plan had failed. Now, Erin snorts at the TV… and also any larger ladies in pink t-shirts when we’re out shopping. Ooops! Anyway, Peppa Pig is just as stupid as

Bob The Builder – Dig This & Giveaway

Back when my cousin was little, 19 years ago, she used to LOVE Bob the Builder. I don’t think I ever thought I’d be watching it with my own daughter all these years later. But I do. Bob has changed quite a lot in those years but it’s still just as fun to watch. Next week a new DVD is being released and today I am able to give you all the chance to win it! See the Gleam giveaway at the bottom of this post. Bob is back! With tools at the ready, the

Happy Birthday Fireman Sam & Giveaway

AD | Gifted item In the mornings we have a routine with Erin. After she gets up and as some breakfast we sit and watch a few cartoons on Milkshake! on Channel 5. Fireman Sam is one of those cartoons and one of Erin’s favourites. Unfortunately, it’s not on all day every day! That’s where a DVD comes in handy. Everybody’s favourite fireman is back with a new DVD collection of tales and rescue in “Fireman Sam – Sam’s Birthday”, released by Abbey Home Media on Monday 3rd April. Fireman Sam is marking 30 years