Preparing Your Garden for the Warmer Weather

Preparing Your Garden for the Warmer Weather

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Now that the clocks have gone back it’s time to think about what you can do to manage your garden in preparation for the summer. Plants have the best chance to grow in the sun, new crops can be planted if you have vegetable plots, and it’s the best time to rearrange anything in your backyard now that it’s mostly dry.

To prepare your garden for the summer, here are some ideas this garden decking supplier in London has shared with us.

Assess the plants in your garden

The spring to summer shift will be the time you should be looking at your plants and what you may need to remove or change. A lot of your plants and vegetables will have changed from the winter, which will help you plan things out accordingly. You may also see there’s a lot of weeds and overgrowth to deal with, as well as potentially investing in compost or new topsoil.

Make a plan of action and assess what’s needed to change up your garden, such as seeds, weed killer and soil. You could also consider adding cleaning products to your list if there are things needed to be washed away and scrubbed off like overgrowing moss or dirt.

Add mulch to your plants

Mulch is a combined mixture of soil, rough compost, grass trimmings, chip bark and sawdust, among other things. This makes your soil moist, keeps it cool, and also acts as a good drainage system for your plants. While some vegetables rely on the heat to grow, it’s best keeping the soil as wet and moisturised as it can be throughout a plants’ growth. Mulch also protects your plants better from the threat of weeds coming through and taking over your garden.

Cut back your lawn

Unless you’re already on the case, you can cut back the grass for its first short cut of the summer season. When the heat gets a bit too much you may spot some dry, almost burnt looking patches of grass, which is when you’ll realise that you will need to keep the grass watered throughout the warmer months.

Take a look at your garden tools

Now that most of the rainy weather has gone, it’ll be time to bring out those tools again. Your shed might be looking a bit dilapidated from a few months of disservice, so it’s worth checking the quality of your tools, cleaning out your shed and looking for any damage.

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