What a sh*t week!

This is so far from something I would normally post. I nearly didn’t write this post at all but then I thought about what I wanted my blog to be. I want it to be an extension of me, my life and what I’m feeling. Generally my posts are happy, excited and enthusiastic. That isn’t what this post is. The first thing putting me in this awful mood is that Erin has had her first cold. She did not deal well with it at all and neither did I. The poor little thing couldn’t quite figure out how to breathe

Clothes everywhere!

After telling people I was pregnant all those months ago one of the first things people said was ‘I hope you’ve got a tumble drier!’ I laughed off the comment so many times but now I wish I hadn’t. Up until this week Erin and I hadn’t left the house too much, mostly due to me still recovering from my c-section and second surgery. However, this week my mum has been to stay and my sister came to stay for a night as well. This has meant going out nearly every day even if that is just to nip into

High Street Maternity Hell

Being 11 weeks pregnant this week and getting a little rounder in the stomach I decided it was time to start looking for maternity clothes. All I wanted was some black under the bump trousers for work as mine are getting that little bit uncomfortable now. I remembered seeing maternity clothes in Asda a good while back so me and another pregnant friend headed straight there only to be told they only do it online now. After that we went to Matalan who did have some maternity clothes but very little to choose from and in a horrible selection of