8 Tips for Working from Home

This article has been written and provided by Liberty Insurance. #ad More and more people are working from home. Telecommuting allows them to strike a better balance between their work and personal life, providing more flexible hours and greater autonomy to organise their day. It avoids unnecessary commuting that saves precious time and it can increase productivity, reduce distractions and increase the level of job satisfaction. However, it can also become a great challenge for those who have never done remote work, since it involves taking on new responsibilities and demands being able to efficiently

Yoto Mini review: Everything you need to know to get started

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links Encouraging children to have lessscreen time can be tricky. Yoto’s wonderful audio players offer a way for children to listen to music and stories, and have independence of being able to do it all themselves. Read on for a detailed Yoto mini player review!

5 Reasons Why You Need to Service your Car More Often

AD | Collaborative post Servicing your car can feel a little like going to the doctor when you feel fine: unnecessary, and in the absence of an NHS for cars, an unwanted expense. But cars cannot be compared to bodies – after all, bodies can heal themselves without intervention while vehicles cannot. So make sure you arrive at a good servicing schedule, and even opt for more rather than less as a rule of thumb. Here’s five good reasons why you should make a habit of servicing your car more often.

Great books for back to school from Books2Door

AD | Paid collaboration With the summer holidays getting close to the end, it’s time to start thinking about preparing for going back to school. If you’re looking to get ahead with subject books or brush up on some skills ahead of the new term, Books2Door has you covered.

Teaching your child to empathise with others

AD | Collaborative post Empathy can be described as a powerful emotion that allows individuals to understand and share the feelings with those around us. As a parent, nurturing empathy in your child is one of the most important responsibilities you have. Empathetic children are known to grow up to be kind, understanding and compassionate adults, who contribute positively to society. Below is a guide that goes into more detail on ways to teach your child to empathise with others, as advised by this sixth form in West Sussex. 

The benefits of swimming lessons for kids

AD | Collaborative post In the world of extracurricular activities, there are endless opportunities for children to grow academically and gain a new skill that can be used for life. Amongst some of the most popular ones, lies swimming lessons, an extracurricular almost every child should be introduced to at some point in their childhood years. This is because it is an essential life skill that can quite literally save their life. Swimming lessons at an early age has also shown to have a great impact on physical, mental and social development. Keep reading to

5 activities to support your child’s cognitive development

AD | Collaborative post Cognitive development can be defined as the way a child learns, interacts with those around them and acquires their knowledge. As a child meets different stages in their development and hits certain milestones, there are a number of cognitive skills that you will notice them pick up along the way. As a parent, you play a very important role in nurturing your child’s cognitive development, especially the processes that involve problem solving, thinking and learning about the world around them. Taking part in age-appropriate activities that stimulate their brain can significantly