5 Fun Ways For Children To Play Outdoors

AD | Collaborative post Ever since Erin was little we’ve got outside as much as possible. We’re very lucky to have a large back garden as well as a park only a couple of minutes walk from our house. Sometimes though, especially in the colder weather, it can be easy to stay indoors if you think there’s not much to do. I wanted to share some of our favourite ways to play outside, no matter what the weather is like. Tuff Trays It took us a while but we’ve really grown to love our Tuff Tray. We tend to use

Husband I Love You, But You Drive Me Mad

When John and I first got together I lived in Nottingham while he lived in Norfolk. Aside from the summer I lived with him, we pretty much had a long distance relationship until I graduated. For the first year or so we lived in a really small two bedroom flat. Without that spare room I think I would have killed him. We needed that spare bedroom so that we could have our own space if we needed it (and we did). When we purchased our house we made sure we would have more than enough space. In fact, we bought

What To Look For In Residential Care For Your Elderly Relative

AD | Collaborative post When the time comes and your relative is unable, or doesn’t want, to stay at home, starting to search for ‘residential care homes near me’ is the next step. And there are a number of factors to consider, as well as lots of questions to be asked. As a Darlington assisted living facility, not a nursing home, we recognise that this isn’t an easy decision to make, so here are a few things that you what to look for in homes for elderly relatives. Where to start? If your relative is able to have the discussion then

Ways To Stay In Touch With Family And Friends

AD | Collaborative post Although we are all stuck at home at the minute, and for good reason, I know most of us will be missing our family and friends. Personally, I am missing my monthly meals out with a friend, spending time with my sister and brother in law, and also, for Erin to see her friends too. Instead of moping around dwelling on things we can’t do, I thought I’d share some fun ways that we can stay in touch with our friends and family during these hard times. Handwritten letters When I was younger I remember loving

Planning For An Unknown Future

AD | Collaborative post When you’re younger, maybe in your late teens or early 20s, it’s really easy to ignore that the future will happen. I know because this was me at those ages. In fact, it was me in my late 20s as well. To be completely honest it wasn’t until I met John, bought a house and started a family that I really started to think about certain things. Death isn’t a nice subject but it’s one we need to think about carefully and plan for. Wills So what can you do to plan for the future? Something

Looking Back At Our Special Moments With Optimalprint

AD | Paid collaboration I remember getting my first ever camera and since then, I have taken thousands of photos. Unfortunately, most of the photos end up sitting in a folder on a computer and we never do anything with them. Of course, there are the photos I take for work and we have a few printed around the house but not very many. This year though I’m determined to start making more of the photos I take and I recently discovered Optimalprint, who offer a really great range of personalised photo products. We’re very lucky that we get to do

New Year, New Adventures At Home

If you follow us on social media then you may have noticed that we had some changes at home a few weeks before Christmas. Just when I took on a last minute press trip to Stoke-on-Trent my Mum moved in with us. I did obviously know the weekend when she’d be moving in beforehand but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and Mum completely understood. Luckily, I went away with other bloggers so John and Erin were at home to help her get settled in. I came home to a bit of a crazy house which was to be expected.

Family Snacking With MadeGood’s Granola Bars

AD | Collaborative post We’re in the middle of the summer holidays and Erin is doing a really good job of trying to eat us out of house and home. Before she broke up from nursery for the summer I think I forgot just how much she can eat when she’s home for the day. At nursery she has two set snack times and a packed lunch that I send her with so I know that she’s having a balanced diet during the day. Now, when routine seems to have gone out of the window it’s becoming harder and harder