The benefits of baking for you and your toddler

AD | Collaborative post Who doesn’t love baking with their toddler? When you bake together, you can include your child in the cooking process and teach them about science, maths, creativity and confidence. You’ll also be giving them a head start on eating healthy foods by replacing sugar-laden ingredients with fruit or vegetables! This blog post will explore the benefits of baking together for both you and your little one.

The benefits of holiday camps for kids

AD | Collaborative post A holiday camp can help your child to create memories that last a lifetime, give them the opportunity to make new friends, build social skills and find hidden talents. Thinking about whether or not you should enrol your child in a holiday camp over the school break? Here are the benefits of holiday camps for kids, put together by a kids camp in London.

Winter activities the whole family will love

It is safe to say that when the leaves start falling off the trees and things feel crisper, it certainly is a sign that winter is on its way. While the weather may turn a little grim that doesn’t mean that the family can’t enjoy quality time together. Sure, you may have indulged in summer evening BBQs or things like paddling pool action. But Winter offers families a whole host of alternative ways to enjoy one another’s company. With that in mind, here are some of the best activities the whole family will love. 

How to raise an environmentally conscious child

AD | Collaborative post Protecting the environment is our civic duty to give our children the future they deserve. With the effects of climate change looming, we must teach our children these lessons to help them too. We have teamed up with a pre prep school in Harrow to share advice on how to raise an environmentally conscious child.

How to raise a compassionate child

AD | Collaborative post Humans are social beings, and we need compassion to be happy, healthy and to be able to create meaningful relationships. Compassion isn’t just showing kindness but being understanding and empathetic of others. A boys school in London shares information on how to raise a compassionate child.

8 of the best games Switch games for 6 year olds

AD | affiliate links You might be thinking about getting your children a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, or maybe they already have one and you’re not sure what games to buy them. I’ve put together a list of 10 of the best Switch games for 6 year olds and why they’re great for your kids! You’ll also find some advice from other parents.

Review: Frugi Moonlight Stars/ Owl Jamie Jim Jams

AD | Post contains gifted items I don’t think it matters what the weather is like, I personally love to go to bed wearing something super soft and comfortable and I try to make sure Erin can do the same. Frugi have a wonderful selection of pyjamas and Erin was recently sent the Moonlight Stars/ Owl Jamie Jim Jams.

Busy Mum? Try these six craft ideas to keep your kids entertained

Being a Mum means we are busy. I know this only too well being a Mum to a 5 year old myself myself. It’s hard to keep everyone happy with a to-do list that never ends and children to entertain. But this is where a little bit of preparation can take you a long way. Children are the one thing we can’t put to the bottom of our list. It’s a good idea to prepare yourself with some activities for when you need them entertained. Here’re a few ideas to try. Remember preparation is key