Clothes everywhere!

After telling people I was pregnant all those months ago one of the first things people said was ‘I hope you’ve got a tumble drier!’ I laughed off the comment so many times but now I wish I hadn’t.

Up until this week Erin and I hadn’t left the house too much, mostly due to me still recovering from my c-section and second surgery. However, this week my mum has been to stay and my sister came to stay for a night as well. This has meant going out nearly every day even if that is just to nip into town or Sainsbury’s. Going out generally means more changes of clothes for some reason.

On a normal day I will change Erin in the morning when we wake up and at night before bed with any additional changes throughout the day. Sometimes she can be pretty messy with her bottle and she’ll need changing because her clothes get a bit soggy around the neck. I don’t think I change Erin as much as some people do which is why the amount of washing needed doing in our house surprises me.

2016-02-13 10.16.38This week alone I seem to have done 3 loads of washing and I’ll probably get another one in today when the rest has dried. Unfortunately we don’t actually have a tumble drier and we don’t have central heating so  drying each load can take a couple of days. We do have electric storage heaters but I don’t like to have these on upstairs where I use airers to dry the clothes.

Baby clothes have taken over my house. It’s a good job I have a spare bedroom to use as a laundry room!

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