Do you know how to heat your home efficiently?

We live in a Victorian semi-detatched house and our heating is absolutely terrible. We don’t have central heating, we have horrendous storage heaters. I hate them with a huge passion. They cost a fortune, they’re not efficient and they’re ugly as hell! We have such a hard time trying to heat our house. With that in mind, I wanted to tell you about a survey that the people at Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies are conducting. They want to know ‘Do you know how to heat your home efficiently?’ There are only 10 questions so it’s super quick and easy to

What Do Women Really Want On Valentines Day?

The age old question, What do women really want on Valentine’s Day? I’m pretty sure if you asked my husband this question he most definitely wouldn’t know the answer. In our 5 years together, I think we’ve only actually done something once for Valentine’s Day and that was our first one together. Since then we’ve either just been busy or had other things going on so we haven’t really bothered. Also, I’m in charge of budgeting and I don’t leave any money spare for this! In order to try to get an answer to this ridiculously hard question, Rattan Direct are conducting a survey and

Offline marketing for bloggers

When it comes to marketing for Me, him, the dog and a baby!, I try to do as much as I possibly can. I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram mostly, all of which are online. It wasn’t until I found a survey by Colour Graphics that I actually thought about offline marketing. I have business cards made up but I never really use them. I’ve only been to a couple of events where I have needed them. I guess this is the extent of my offline marketing so far which, really, a bit pathetic. Colour Graphics are looking to find out whether or not