How you can save money on your bills

When you own your own home, or rent for that matter, saving money where and when you can is really important. I have always tried to save money if I could but now that we have a 1 year old and money is tight sometimes, saving money is even more important! Saving money doens’t have to be as annoying or as complicated as changing energy suppliers though. There are loads of things you can do around the house to save a bit here and there! Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies have come up with a really helpful infographic

The Best Office Furniture

AD | Collaborative post When we bought our house we picked a doer upper.  I had always planned on one part of our living room/ dining room being a library seeing as we have so many books. However, Erin pulls at things now so we’ve had to change this. All of the books are in the loft and I have a bit of an open space to consider. My little space is now going to be turned into my very own office!This means that I have to figure out what furniture to put in there

Wildlife Competition Poll

When it comes to garden furniture, Rattan Direct are always the first company that comes to mind. With a garden also comes some fantastic wildlife. Last year John and I found a cute little hedgehog in our garden that we had to find a new home for. Our dog Jackson was a little too interested in the poor thing. It was quite exciting finding him though and I wish we hadn’t have had to move him. Before we gave the back garden an overhaul we used to get loads of butterflies and dragonflies. I really wish

Save money with Groupon Coupons

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Groupon Coupons. All opinions are our own.  I hate paying full price for anything. If I can get something on offer or have a money off voucher then I would use that if I could! Something I found out about recently is Groupon Coupons. I love having a purse full of coupons but unfortunately I don’t get enoug of them. The good thing about Groupon Coupons is the ability to search for any retailer you like. There are currently over 76,000 coupons available for over 11,000 stores. That is a

Offline marketing for bloggers

When it comes to marketing for Me, him, the dog and a baby!, I try to do as much as I possibly can. I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram mostly, all of which are online. It wasn’t until I found a survey by Colour Graphics that I actually thought about offline marketing. I have business cards made up but I never really use them. I’ve only been to a couple of events where I have needed them. I guess this is the extent of my offline marketing so far which, really, a bit pathetic. Colour Graphics are looking to

Similac Follow On Milk Review

As someone who was unable to breastfeed do to complications during Erin’s birth, we relied on a First Milk until she was 6 months old. Now nearly 10 months old we’re using Follow On Milk from the same brand. When Britmums got in touch about trying Similac Follow On Milk I thought it would be worth a try! To start with, I LOVE the colour of the tin that the follow on milk comes in. I know that shouldn’t really make a difference when choosing a product such as this, but it does. Similac is exclusive to

Erin and the EasyMat

When we started with weaning when Erin was 17 weeks old I was determined to stick with purees. As Erin has gotten a bit older she has also become quite an independent little girl and sometimes she prefers to feed herself. This has caused us quite a few problems. Then I was introduced to the EasyMat from Tots R Us. Erin quickly became a plate flinger. She loves to get hold of a plate or bowl in an attempt to feed herself. This ends up in quite a bit of mess on the floor. The EasyMat solves

Incontinence happens to the best of us

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of pregnancy is having those embarrassing little accidents. Someone I used to work with one told me about having pretty massive accident right outside her front door. These things happen to the best of us. Incontinence in adults is a pretty big thing but for some reason, it’s not really spoken about too much. I wish it was, which is why I want to share my own experience with you. I have always had a weak bladder, even without being pregnant. I’d get