Do you know how to heat your home efficiently?

We live in a Victorian semi-detatched house and our heating is absolutely terrible. We don’t have central heating, we have horrendous storage heaters. I hate them with a huge passion. They cost a fortune, they’re not efficient and they’re ugly as hell! We have such a hard time trying to heat our house.

With that in mind, I wanted to tell you about a survey that the people at Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies are conducting. They want to know ‘Do you know how to heat your home efficiently?’ There are only 10 questions so it’s super quick and easy to fill out. They’d love it if you could spend a couple of minutes filling it out.

I honestly don’t think I know nearly enough about heating a house and the survey really opened my eyes to a few things. I knew that there was such a thing as underfloor heating but I didn’t know that there was an electric option and a water option. I think I kind of figured it was all done by electricity.

I also wouldn’t have any idea about what would be more expensive out of radiators, water underfloor heating or electric underfloor heating. I imagine underfloor heating maybe not costing as much as I think it might.

Unfortunately, I do know that we’re not heating our house efficiently. Until we can afford a new boiler and central heating we’re doomed!

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