The Husband Files: A certain set of skills

During the course of Erin’s life, I can count on one hand the amount of full days I have spent completely alone with her. I talked about the reasons for this and my utter admiration for stay at home mums in my earlier post My Wife the Supermum. I now realise that it takes a certain set of skills to do what my wife, and plenty of other parents do. When I wrote that post I had been feeling fears that I hardly dared speak about. I was scared about the damage being done to my relationship

Storytime Saturday: The New Teacher

Storytime Saturday a weekly blog feature showcasing any new books we’ve been reading with Erin, reviewing picture books and talking about our monthly library haul! Basically, Storytime Saturday is all about books! This week is all about The New Teacher by Dominique Demers and is reviewed by the husband! The New Teacher, originally a French novel, was published in English by Alma Books this year. The book is written by Dominique Demers and beautifully illustrated by Tony Ross. The New Teacher is the first in a series, called ‘Mademoiselle Charlotte’, the English series being called ‘The Adventures of

The Husband Files: A puree virgin

Erin is now 7 months old and has been weaning since she was 4 months old. We were advised that early weaning may help the reflux that she was experiencing from bottle feeding. Up until the last week or so I was a puree virgin. Lyndsey has been amazing when it comes to sorting our Erin’s food. Ever since we decided to start weaning, Lyndsey is constantly researching what Erin can and can’t eat and how to cook things. She has now literally filled both of our under counter freezers with blended fruit and veg. Such a selection

The Husband Files: My Wife The Supermum

As I sit down to write this, it is 7am and I am downstairs with my daughter Erin. She has been awake since 4am and has only just relented and gone to sleep. My wife is upstairs enjoying a well deserved lie in. It has come to my attention that she is, in fact, Supermum! I wish I could get her a cape. To say this is a rarity is an understatement. As I work full time, often 6 days a week, I usually leave the house at 7am and don’t return until gone 6pm

Book review: The Dinosaur that Pooped Daddy

Maybe it’s a boy thing but my husband John is pretty okay with poo. He has no problem talking about it, doing it or just generally acknowledging that it’s a thing. I’m not really all that open about things like that. When given the chance to review a book called The Dinosaur that Pooped Daddy I just had to get it for John and Erin. He generally does bed time and story time so I thought this would be the perfect book for them both. Seeing as Father’s Day is coming up soon, I think it would also

The Husband Files: Feeling like a dad

I was so excited when I found out I was going to be a dad. For as long as I can remember I have wanted a family of my own. To meet someone who had chosen to love me and to make a child with her who would be a bit of both us. That is all I ever wanted in life. As soon as I found out Lyndsey was pregnant I started to feel nervous though. What if I turned out to be a rubbish dad?  What if I didn’t know what to do,