Child Friendly Date Night Ideas

Child Friendly Date Night Ideas

Finding time to have a date night with your partner is so hard once you have children. Some are luckier than others and might have family on hand close by for a night of babysitting now and again. However, if you’re like us you need to find ways to have date nights in another way. Here are some Child Friendly Date Night Ideas.

Movie Nights

John and I love our films. We have a big dvd section in our living room for years of collecting and we have a bit of everything, from musicals to horror to animated films. If you’re not able to go out of the house, or your little one won’t sit through something at the cinema, a movie night at home is perfect! You can make some of your own popcorn, get a big tub and have a family snuggle on the sofa!

Alex from Better Together Home agrees:

We find a family movie, have nibbles instead of dinner, loads of ice-cream and popcorn and let our daughter stay up late!


Instead of staying home for the night you could always head out as a family to your local bowling alley. We’re lucky to have one up the road from where we live, along with an American diner style restaurant.

Sophie from Soph-Obsessed thinks this is a fab idea

Bowling is a huge family date night in our house everyone can take part but it’s also nice for the adults too!!

Early Evening Picnic

Vicki from Family Travel With Ellie thinks that picnics are a perfect way to have a date as a family, as long as the weather cooperates.

Pack a lovely picnic (inc grown up treats) drive somewhere lovely – lay out a grown up rug and a little ones rug and let them eat and play in the glorious outdoors whilst you lay back with your partner, chill and enjoy your yummy food. Bliss.

Make The Most Of Your Garden

Having a child friendly date night doesn’t mean having to stay indoors and it doesn’t mean having to travel anywhere. Emma from Our Fairytale Adventure has shared a beautiful picture of her garden to show what you could do. Garden goals right there!

We can rarely find anyone to look the children, so we bought a fire pit from Amazon and now go out into the garden, with some fairy lights, drinks, blankets and a fire. It’s so lovely!

How do you manage to get a date night with your partner?

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