Building a Home

Children’s book review: Building a home

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This week’s children’s book review is all about Building a Home by Polly Faber and Klas Fahlen. It was published by Nosy Crow and can be purchased on Amazon.

Now available in paperback, with action-packed artwork from Klas Fahlen and a gentle narrative text by Polly Faber, find out all about the people, machines, processes and tools involved in breathing new life into an old building. Packed with builders, cranes, diggers, cement mixers and a host of other exciting tools and machinery, follow a crumbling old factory on the edge of town as it goes from being an empty shell to something entirely new . . . a home.

Building a Home

Another great book in the sort of ‘how to’ series from Nosy Crow, ‘Building a Home’ looks at just that… the things that it takes to build a home. Although we walk past different kinds of houses or apartment buildings every single day, there is so much to think about when it comes to how to make them!

Building a Home

In this book, an old building is falling apart and needs to be turned into something new. Readers can learn all about the people who are going to help to do this, including Amy the architect, Norman the builder’s foreman and Daisy who drives the bulldozer! To start, there’s a real mix of who is doing which job which I liked to see.

Building a Home

Readers can follow how the building is taken down, what is done with some of the materials and how the new building is put together. The book details all sorts from strong foundations, plumbing and installing electrics inside the house and there’s probably a lot that children might not have thought about before.

Building a Home

The illustrations are fantastic and show each different aspect of building a home in quite a simple way, but one that children can follow easily. I loved how bright the illustrations are, with workers in their hi-vis jackets, bright blue sky and gorgeous brick colours.

This is such a great book for learning how something so complicated is put together but in a simple way for everyone to understand.


Children's book review: Building a Home

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