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Children’s book review: Sunshine Stables. Amina and the amazing pony

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This week’s children’s book review is all about Sunshine Stables. Amina and the amazing pony by Olivia Tuffin. It was published by Nosy Crow and can be purchased on Amazon.

At Sunshine Stables, dreams become adventures! Young pony fans will love this fantastic pony club series from Olivia Tuffin.

Amina is desperate to win a place on the Sunshine Stables showjumping team. It’s her chance to prove herself – and to show off the talents of Nutmeg, her gorgeous palomino pony. But is it worth winning at all costs? Clever little Nutmeg is ready to show her what really matters…

Packed with adventure and full of heart, Olivia’s huge knowledge and passion for ponies shines on every page. Beautifully illustrated throughout by Jo Goodberry, this is a perfect pony story for readers aged 7+.

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Sunshine Stables. Amina and the amazing pony chapter 1

Now that Erin is getting to be more independent with her reading I’m always looking for fun chapter books for her. However, they still need to be something we can read together as well as for her to try on her own. I recently discovered the Sunshine Stables series, which is perfect for around age 7 and horse lovers!

In this book, compared to others we’ve read recently such as the Cosmic Creatures series, the text in this book is quite a bit smaller. The chapters are longer and there’s more text to read in one go so it is quite a bit of a step up compared with other chapter books. However, it’s nice to have something a little bit harder for Erin to try with.

Sunshine Stables. Amina and the amazing pony illustration

The story takes place at Sunshine Stables, where Amina is attending the pony camp. A chance to become part of the riding school’s official team and Amina is desperate to be a part, along with pony Nutmeg. It’s a competitive situation though, with quite a few girls vying for that spot on the team.

I love a book with a good lesson behind the story. It’s such a great way for children to learn something without it being too obvious. In this book, Amina is really determined to win the spot on the riding school’s team and quite early on, makes some bad decisions when it comes to her friends. Instead of being supportive and helpful, she does some things that might harm their chances.

This book really has a lovely message about doing the right thing and realising that there are more important things than winning. Of course, the fun setting of the school and all of the horses is great for children around Erin’s age (6) and something that she really enjoyed reading about.


Children's book review: Sunshine Stables. Amina and the amazing pony

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