The Doughnut of Doom by Elys Dolan

Children’s Book Review: The Doughnut Of Doom

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The Doughnut of Doom by Elys Dolan was published by Nosy Crow on 1st August 2019. The book is available to purchase on Amazon.

The Doughnut of Doom by Elys Dolan

It’s another ordinary day in Food Town and Nancy McNutty, peanut butter sandwich and rookie reporter, desperately needs a big break. So, when news comes in of a monster doughnut on the rampage, she’s straight on the case – she knew there was something dodgy about the superfoods down at Lemon Labs! And boy, is that doughnut hungry! It’s EATING everything in sight and not even the police, the fire chiefs OR the military can bring it down. Whatever will President Bacon do? Luckily, Nancy has a cunning plan. All they need is a plucky hero who will sacrifice themselves for the good of all food kind . . . !

The Doughnut of Doom by Elys Dolan

When it comes to finding Erin new books it can sometimes be a bit tricky because she likes so many different things. Something we haven’t got an awful lot of though is a selection of really funny books so when I saw The Doughnut of Doom I thought it could be a great addition to our collection.

The Doughnut of Doom follows Nancy McNutty, a trainee reporter looking for a big story to help her catch her break. The beginning of the story starts off in the office she works in with loads of fun characters to look at like onion, a slice of cheese and Nancy is a sandwich! All of the characters are food related and there are a lot so there’s loads for children to pick out on each page. 

The Doughnut of Doom by Elys Dolan

Luckily for Nancy, one of her friend lets her know that something has gone really wrong and there’s an ever growing pink doughnut (an experiment gone wrong) on the loose and someone needs to stop it from destroying the town! We really enjoyed seeing the reactions of all of the different characters. I mean, if a giant doughnut was running around where I live then I’d be pretty shocked and scared.

The Doughnut of Doom by Elys Dolan

The illustrations throughout the whole book are just fantastic and they really help to make the story. As I said before, there are a lot of background characters and a lot of work has clearly gone into the detail on each page. For children to get into the story sometimes they have to have something to really help engage them in what’s going on and I think the illustrations really help to do this.

The Doughnut of Doom by Elys Dolan

The Doughnut of Doom is such a fun book that’s over the top, crazy and with a lot of excitement. This is definitely one of my most recent favourites and I will be keeping an eye out for more from Elys Dolan from now on. 


Children's Book Review: The Doughnut Of Doom

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