Turtle Bay, Norwich

Trying The New Menu At Turtle Bay

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Last week John was off work and I was determined to make the most of it by planning some great family days out and meals that we wouldn’t go for otherwise. Somewhere that John always enjoys, and is one of his favourites, is Turtle Bay. We had a day planned in Norwich so it seemed like the perfect time to book a table.

Turtle Bay, Norwich

We had a table booked for 4pm but the heat on that particular day was getting to us so we arrived about half an hour early, hopeful that it would be okay. Luckily, the restaurant was quite quiet at this time so it wasn’t a problem at all. Something I have always found about Turtle Bay is that they are really accommodating if they can be and for a family with a hungry 3 year old, this is fantastic!

Turtle Bay, Norwich

It had been a little while since our last visit to Turtle Bay and since then they have come up with a new menu. Now, to be completely honest, we didn’t really know which dishes were new but some definitely popped out to us as we looked at what was available. Something I instantly noticed was that there seemed to be more vegetarian and vegan options than there was on our last visit.

Turtle Bay, Norwich

While we were waiting for our food we were able to enjoy a really nice, cold drink and Erin was super happy with her own ice cold apple juice. At this point, our server had brought Erin a colouring book and some crayons and had already arranged for her food to come out with our starters so that she didn’t have to wait. Little things like this go a long way with me.

For starters I went for the garlic flatbread and John had the Jamaican patties with roast vegetables. I was really happy to see that the garlic flatbread had been changed as this was something I wasn’t ever able to order before. Previously, the garlic flatbread came with some kind of chilli oil and it couldn’t be left off. I always want a starter that Erin might want to share so this was great for me. John didn’t know what to expect at all from his Jamaican patties but once he cut it open, the steaming vegetables smelled amazing and John polished off every little bit.

Turtle Bay Garlic Flatbread

Turtle Bay Jamaican Patties

I have to admit that I wasn’t very impressed with the children’s menu this time around. There are now only 4 options available and if you need something vegetarian and dairy free, or vegan, there isn’t any options at all. Last time the flatbread pizza was a bit hit so it was a shame that this had been taken off the menu. We ended up choosing a cheeseburger for Erin but the meat was a bit too tough for her and she ended up mostly eating the fries and the bread bun. This particular children’s menu definitely seems more geared towards slightly older children. I thought the ‘big turtles’ and ‘little turtles’ options there was before was a great way to split up the menu.

Turtle Bay Little Turtles Meal

Turtle Bay, Norwich

For our mains we chose the coconut run down and the shack stack burger. John always likes to try something new when we visit Turtle Bay and he hadn’t had the coconut run down before so he was really looking forward to it. It looked and smelled delicious and John was really happy with his choice. Usually he goes for something really spicy and hot so this was really different for him.

Sometimes when you order a burger you expect quite a cheap meat but this definitely wasn’t the case at Turtle Bay. My burger looked exactly like Erin’s (as I’d asked for it to only have cheese on) so I could understand why it was so tough for her. For an adult though, the burger was really great and my sweet potato fries were a great accompaniment.

Turtle Bay Coconut Run Down

Turtle Bay Shack Stack Burger

As the restaurant was quiet when we visited Erin was able to move around a bit during our meal. She, like most 3 year olds, don’t sit too well for a long time and Erin loved going to explore the restaurant. She particularly liked the speakers in the camper van seats and the sinks made from tires in the toilets. Turtle Bay is such a bright and colourful restaurant and it’s such a nice environment to eat in.

Turtle Bay, Norwich

For dessert, John went for the ginger pudding, I had the banana toffee cheesecake and Erin had some chocolate ice cream. The banana toffee cheesecake is my absolute favourite and I order this every time we visit. I know I could try something else but I like this one so much that I’d feel like I missed out if I didn’t have it.

Turtle Bay Sticky Ginger Pudding

Turtle Bay Banana Toffee Cheesecake

Although we ordered Erin ice cream, she was very kindly given a couple of big slices of watermelon too. I loved that she was given fruit as well and as soon as she finished her ice cream, she demolished the watermelon too! This was a really lovely touch and Erin enjoyed making faces with the fruit before she finished eating it.

Turtle Bay Children's Dessert

Turtle Bay Children's Dessert

Turtle Bay is one of those restaurants that we always feel welcomed in and they always do such a good job of looking after Erin while we’re there. It’s unfortunate that the children’s menu doesn’t cater for smaller children as well now but Erin did the best she could with her meal. Luckily, the adult’s menu has plenty of choice and I really feel that there’s something for everyone now. It’s no longer a menu where everything seems really hot and spicy but instead there are now milder options too.


Trying The New Menu At Turtle Bay

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  1. and how one can start September diet by looking at these mouth watering pictures? πŸ™‚ i loved the food that you guys picked – it looks mega yummy and so wonderfully presented – kind regards Pati Robins- stylesqueeze blog

  2. This sounds like a fabulous restaurant to visit and the food looks great! Its unfortunate about the children’s menu though…let’s hope they take your comments on board!

  3. Looks like a lovely place to eat, I am a big fan when they give extra fruit for the kids! Banana toffee cheesecake sounds so good too!!! My husband adores cheesecake so that would be him happy!

  4. It’s a shame they changed the children’s options. Perhaps they’ll reconsider. And I’m glad you and John enjoyed your meals. I can’t blame you sticking with one dessert. When you find a dish you love it’s hard to change! I’m exactly the same

  5. It’s a shame the children’s menu was so limited, I hope they take your feedback on board. I’ve always enjoyed the cocktails when we have visited Turtle Bay in Birmingham.

  6. I haven’t been to a Turtle Bay before, I love the decor it is very bright. In general the food sounds good to me and my children can be fussy so would be happy with a burger.

  7. OOh the menu sounds quite diverse. I’m not sure what a coconut run down actually is! I love a quirky place to sit and look at the decor too. Turtle Bay looks great!

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